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The merit of a casteist professor

The merit of a casteist professor

shashi bhushan


Shashi Bhushan

shashi bhushanHave you ever thought, why RESEARCH in India is deteriorating? Except for a few, why have all universities become centers of corruption? The central government has published data that says only 13% of teaching faculty belong to the reserved category, so you can’t blame reservation. Here I am giving you an answer with one example.

Dr. Mithilesh Kumar used to discriminate among his students based on their caste background. Last year, he took charge as Director of Research at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University in Bihar. What do you expect from a Director of Research? That he must be a very talented person, a research enthusiast, published his work in renowned research journals, has a good reputation in the research field, and the university should feel proud to have such a director of research. I have to disappoint you; he doesn’t have a single characteristic of a researcher.

I asked through RTI: how many research papers has he published in peer review journals in the last ten years? And he replied 24 research papers. This was wrong information given by the authority, which is an offense under RTI act 2005 (see replies below).

Further, I asked for the list of the published journals where he has published, to make sure. And I received a list of 25 research publications. You will be surprised to know that none of the journals is a peer reviewed journal, nor UGC approved. They are just paid journals full of plagiarism.

The question is: how did he become Director of Research? Who selected him for this high post? The vice-chancellor Dr. R C Srivastava and Dr. Mithilesh Kumar belong to the same caste. That’s why R C Srivastava knowingly favoured him in selection for this post.

This is the merit of the research director of this university. Can we imagine a good future for RESEARCH in India under such circumstances?










 Shashi Bhushan is a research scholar at IIT Madras in the biotechnology department. He is also a member of Bahujan Azad Party, a newly formed political party in Bihar by 50 IITians.