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Havells’ Ad: Another instance of Stereotyping of Reservations Policy in Media

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  Amar Khade  The offensive Havells Fan television commerical has been removed from Youtube and the company’s Facebook page, and also apparently from television, thanks to the vociferous opposition expressed by Ambedkarites and others. Congratulations friends! But the structures of prejudice that gave birth to it need to be constantly critiqued, as this article does …


Some merit to quotas


Dr. Udit Raj (First published in January 2006) The doctors clamouring against reservations for OBCs have demanded that merit be the sole criteria for admission to medical and engineering colleges. Then, how is it that they haven’t objected either to the NRI quota or candidates who procure admission on the basis of capitation fee? Does …


Women and PR

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Gail Omvedt PR, acronym for proportional representation, is new to the majority of Indian feminists – but one that deserves thinking about, now that another session of the Lok Sabha has ended without any significant change on the issue of quota for women. As an editorial in a Women’s Studies network bulletin put out by …