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Jharkhand: The Curse of Development and Displacement

tabrez and afroz

  Dr. Md Afroz & Md Tabrez   Introduction The formation of Jharkhand on the pretext of development and change in the life of local people was actually a political gimmick to encash the euphoric regional sentiments for power. The ruling national parties used to retreat in policy matters that threatens their political stability in …


India’s Coronavirus and Lockdown Alienation

mohammed owais saleem

Mohd Owais Saleem Has lockdown led the marginalized or many other groups of India to severe alienation during COVID-19? Is it affecting the lives of groups and individuals? Being a student of sociology, this question always strikes me hard. Having been born and brought up in Delhi, it has been observed that the lives of …


Democracy from an Economic Perspective: Overcoming Challenges through the Constitution

adv mahendra jadhav1

    Adv. Mahendra Jadhav Abstract For ages, India has been a collection of numerous castes, classes, religions and, races which are exclusive in nature with no common or shared experience of love, care and harmony. Given this fact, we have to analyze the implementation of the Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy provided …


Bolstering Privilege: Reservation Debates During Elections 2014


  Indrajit Roy As political commentators celebrate or bemoan the supposed change in the Indian polity with the ‘advent’ of Narendra Modi, it is important to highlight the fact that political parties were largely silent about social justice during the just-concluded elections. In fact, two of the largest political parties- the party that won the …