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Palasa 1978 – A story of Revolt-Reform-Revenge, and beyond that

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Sudhanshu Singh Palasa 1978 is an excellent and rare example of Bahujan culture and agony depicted in mainstream cinema. There have been movies before that have depicted lives of the working class but none depicts their lives as well as culture with explicit truthfulness and a message that is like a ‘fusillade of pistol shots’. …


Palasa 1978: A Bahujan resistance against caste supremacy

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Shiva Thrishul The film speaks about Bahujan resistance against the dominance of caste feudal lords across generations in a town in Andhra Pradesh. The enslavement of the Bahujan bodies for the political gains of privileged castes, upper-caste exploitation of the Bahujan labour force, the abuse of Bahujan muscle power, deceptive and treacherous nature of the …


Palasa 1978 – A must watch movie for Dalit-Bahujans

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  Dr. SPVA Sairam The movie Palasa 1978 is set in a village called Palasa in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh state. Like every village in India, Palasa too is divided into two quarters. One quarter is composed of Touchables and the other of Untouchables. Touchables live inside the village, where as Untouchables live outside …