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Brajesh Thakur, Who is Responsible for Muzaffarpur Multiple Rapes?


  Bobby Kunhu “I do not expect the White Media to create positive Black images” – Huey Newton “Historically, rape and sexual violence have been used as means to dominate and control different races, cultures, and groups of people.” – Chardonnay Madkins The Muzaffarpur multiple rapes and the way the state machinery and discourse has …


On the violence in a Muzaffarpur village: Some Untold Stories

mohammad sajjad

  Mohammad Sajjad On 18 January 2015, in the Ajitpur-Bahilwara, near Saraiya, in the district of Muzaffarpur in north Bihar, violence broke out. It killed nearly five people and almost all the 56 Muslim (Pasmanda) households in the village were looted and burnt. The immediate provocation was an inter-faith love affair: to the Hindutva zealots, …