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Covid-19: Bhilwara Model, Breaking the myth of merit

neeraj bunker 2020

Neeraj Bunkar While the whole world is fighting with the Corona pandemic, India too has not been able to keep itself out of its grasp. On January 30th, 2020, the first case in India was reported in Kerala. The number rose to 3 by the February 5th, when some students returned to India from China’s …


Nagraj Manjule: Exposing Merit – A Hoax of the Caste Society!

utkarsh manav

Utkarsh Manav If a person from an ex-untouchable community becomes a well known personality in any field or makes his presence felt in any sector, these days he gets a prefix attached to his profession and that prefix is ‘Dalit’1. The insertion of this prefix seems to imply this community was not meant to be …


The Republic of Reservations

table 1

  Dr. N. Sukumar The principle of merit is largely undefined. However, the social and economic worth of individuals and institutions are valued on this amorphous principle. Any standard definition of merit will again feed the myth of the “family farm” comprising of parental background, educational alma mater, economic occupations, physicality and geographical location. Needless …


‘Merit’ is Constructed via Coaching Centres: Anoop Kumar

anoop japan

  Anoop Kumar This is the transcript of his speech at the Fourth International Dr. Ambedkar Convention 2018, at the Matsumoto Juchiro & Dr. B. R. Ambedkar International Convention, Japan, in October 2018. It was transcribed by Vinay Shende. Thank you very much. Jai Bhim and Good Morning to All. My name is Anoop and …


Reservation and the Creamy Layer Principle – Solving the Puzzle

sthabir khora 1

  Sthabir Khora The issue of creamy layer among SC/ST has finally reached the Supreme Court ( There is no escape from debating this issue now. Social issues always have more than one side. The issue of creamy layer has already been discussed by a few – against creamy layer (Chaudhury, 2004; Srinivas, 2007; Sundaram, …


Some of us will have to fight all our lives: Anoop Kumar


  Anoop Kumar (This is the transcipt of his speech at the celebrations of the 126th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Amebdkar in Ras Al Khaimah organised by Ambedkar International Mission, UAE, on 21st April, 2017. It was translated from Hindi by Abhishek Juneja) Jai Bhim. I am very happy to be among you all. I …


Affirmative Action & The Concept of Merit: An Indian Experience

raju chaluwadi

  Raju Chalwadi  Affirmative action and Merit are two concepts on which every Indian has an opinion, especially, the former. Affirmative action policy is always seen in a negative light because of the ambiguity regarding the rationale for such a policy and its effect on social relations. And the term merit in the Indian context …