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India: Where social discrimination persists despite 75 years of independence

A Rajeshbabu On 15 August 1947, India got independence from British rule. People hoped to lead a respectful life free from all kinds of discrimination, unlike under British imperialism. However, the oppressed people were in despair because they felt that the oppressors had only changed their form. The Constituent Assembly drafted the constitution and provided …


Why and How the Government Fails to Remove Caste-Based Manual Scavenging in India!

ajay rahulwad

Ajay Rahulwad Introduction Manual scavenging is a caste-ridden occupation done by manual scavengers, workers who clean human excreta manually, meaning, with hands. If one would want to understand why these workers have to do this job, one has to look at its genesis in the caste-based occupational stratification in India. It is said that, “All …


Providing ‘free’ safety kits to sanitation workers is not a favour: An open letter to Arvind Kejriwal

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  Dear Arvind Kejriwal, In the workshop organized by Delhi Jal Board on 15/7/2019 at Talkatora Stadium1 you said that you feel “dejected to hear about the deaths of sanitation workers” and that “we are concerned about the lives of sanitation workers and will give free safety kits to those working in Delhi so that …


Conference on The Scourge of Scavenging: Revisiting the Question of Sanitation/Scavenging/Scavengers

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  [Via Dr. B. Ravichandran] The Scourge of Scavenging: Revisiting the Question of Sanitation/Scavenging/ScavengersDate: 08-Nov-2017 to 10-Nov-2017Event Type: National SeminarVenue of Event: Seminar Hall, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies.Last date for abstract: August 15th 2017 Concept Note  India has been consistently critiqued, locally and globally, for its inability to ban the inhuman practice of manually …