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Open defecation, stunting, caste and lynching

sylvia Vidhan Soudha Case

  Dr. Sylvia Karpagam On the pretext of open defecation, two dalit children, Avinash and Roshni, age 10 and 12, were brutally murdered1 on the 25th of September 2019, in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, with the girl child being molested2 before being murdered. At the same time, the Prime minister of the country was receiving an …


The Curious Case of Tabrez Ansari


  Bobby Kunhu The police have unilaterally decided to dilute the case against the accused in the Tabrez Ansari lynching case from murder to culpable homicide not amounting to murder, thereby reducing the gravity and culpability of the offence. According to Karthik. S, the Superintendent of Police, Saraikela, Jharkand, this was ostensibly done because the …


Democracy and Indian Muslims Living In Peril

md tabrez alam

  Md Tabrez Alam India—a country of a population of more than a billion people—stands as the largest democratic nation in the world, with a large diversity amongst its different states and union territories. It has so much diversity of culture, language, religion, caste, ethnicity, etc. that except for democracy no other system of governance …


नितीन आगे हत्याकांड – खर्डा येथे नितीन च्या पालकांशी साधलेला संवाद

nitin family2

  Bhagyesha Kurane नितीन आगे हत्यांकाड प्रकरणी पुण्यातील काही विद्यार्थ्यांनी खर्डा या गावाला  भेट दिली व नितीनच्या आई वडिलांशी या घटने संदर्भात संवाद साधला.ह्या हत्यांकाडाचा तपास एकूणच कशाप्रकारे झाला, आरोपी निर्दोष होण्यामागील काय कारणे  होती, सरकारची भूमिका, इत्यादी बाबी जाणून घेण्याचा प्रयत्न केला. दलित हत्यांकाडाच्या केसेस हाताळत असताना सरकारी अनास्था कशाप्रकारे कार्यरत असते हे त्यांच्याशी …


“#Notinmyname”: A ‘guilt’ in the conscience

dharma raj kumar

   Dharmaraj Kumar ‘Not in my name’, says A. ‘In whose name then?’, asks B. ‘You mean, not in your name this time, right?’ asks C. ‘Of course, it lies not in your name. It is only in ‘their’ name. You just don’t worry.’, D replies curtly. ‘I just say “not in my name”, rest …


Lynching of Dalits at Jhajjar, Haryana- 1

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(Published in January 2003 in the PUCL Bulletin) A Report by Academics On hearing the reports of lynching of five dalits by a frenzied mob at police chowkie of Duleena near Jhajjar on Dussehra day, a group of University teachers, writers from Janvadi Lekhak Sangh and social activists visited Badshahpur on 20th November to meet …