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Statement in support of Kiruba Munusamy

kiruba munusamy

  We, the undersigned, are individuals working for the rights of marginalized persons in India including women, LGBTQ+ persons and people from oppressed castes. We strongly condemn the harassment and subsequent persecution that Piyush Manush has launched against Kiruba Munusamy. We stand in solidarity with Kiruba against this casteist and patriarchal persecution by Piyush Manush. …


‘Safe’ Queer Spaces – How Inclusive is Inclusive?

chandra moulee

  moulee Queer folks are perhaps misunderstood in many aspects. One among those is that every queer person is either progressive and/or liberal. In reality though, given my context and political experience as a cis-gendered queer man, I have observed that LGBTQ communities are not entirely homogeneous. We are as diverse as mainstream society; and …