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Are Jignesh Mevani and his left allies ignorant of Ambedkarite politics?

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  Vinod Kumar Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was an economist, a fact which has been neglected by Indian academia, as well as not recognised by the left liberal intellectuals of this country. During the freedom movement, Ambedkar’s academic contribution was not only intellectual, but also a fight against the unjust colonial economic arrangement which was …


When Rohith Vemula Meets Jignesh Mevani: Towards a Radical Democratic Imaginary

jignesh mevani

  K K Baburaj ‘Live dangerously’, told Nietzsche, one of the great counter-thinkers in the history of modern philosophy. KK Kochu, a well known Dalit writer and political activist from Kerala, in his collection of articles titled ‘Revolution and Culture’ published in the eighties, attempted to rewrite the slogan of Nietzsche as ‘act dangerously’. Such …


Dalit Upsurge and the Politics of Land – Chalo Thiruvananthapuram!

mrudula sasidharan

  S. Mrudaladevi The invader-friend can write or say anything about despotism, authoritarianism or anarchy experienced by the oppressed. It is part of his cunning effort to mask the exploitation of the subjugated class. When this masked friend warns us of being oppressed by the exploiters, he becomes dearer to the oppressor. In this process, …


Remembering Bitter Truths on the way to Udupi


  Dr C S Dwarakanath Jignesh Mevani, a young dalit leader who has inspired many across the country with his protests against the flogging of Dalits in Una, Gujarat, along with Lolaksha, a dalit intellectual from Karnataka and myself were travelling from Mangalore Airport to Udupi for the valedictory event of the Udupi Chalo Rally …