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Islamophobia and Incarceration

shahdab perumal

Shahdab Perumal Islamophobia hovers around the ‘anxiety of Muslim violence’. This anxiety of Muslim violence constantly reproduces Islamophobia. It enables rigorous scrutiny of Muslim everyday life and political control of Muslims. The central question the author explores through this article is how this anxiety of Muslim violence warrants sedition charges on Muslims, with special reference …


Why Not Janeu Under My Kurta?

Rahmath EP

  Rahmath EP Lipstick Under My Burkha is a ‘by the Brahmin for the Brahmin’ movie to propagate the Savarna definition of the ‘oppressed women’. The whole movie gives you a clear picture of the story of women’s assertion on their personal and sexual liberation through brahminical patriarchal narration filled with Islamophobia by projecting Muslim …


On the Orientalist Savarna Perception of equating SIO with ABVP

waseem rs

  Waseem RS  On the Orientalist Savarna Perception of equating SIO with ABVP, of twining SIO with the ghost of Global Islam and the Politics of Social Justice in JNU There is no novelty in the charge of equating SIO and ABVP as the two sides of the same religious ideology. As a Muslim student …


Red is a Darker version of Saffron

abdullah rahul sanjana

  Abdullah Rahman, Rahul Meenakshi & Sanjana Krishnan ‘Kiss of Love’ and the Islamophobic Undercurrent of the Movement The famous case of Downtown restaurant in Calicut that was vandalised by Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BJYM) on 24th October, 2014 for allegedly promoting immoral activities is now a nationwide furore. The goons of the BJP’s youth wing …