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Reinventing the Mandal Movement

kiran kumar gowd

  Gowd Kiran Kumar On August 7th, 1990, V.P. Singh tabled the Mandal Commission report in the Parliament which resulted in 27% reservations for the Other Backward Classes (OBC). This decision was followed by the Kamandal or the anti-Mandal agitation in the country. Right wing forces, led by upper caste elite sections, participated in the …


Going backward

surinder jodhka

  Surinder S. Jodhka The Jats, without doubt, have been the most important and powerful caste community in the rural landscapes of northwest India. The sources of their dominance have typically been their control over agricultural lands, their demographics and their networks beyond the village. However, unlike the other “dominant castes”, such as the Marathas …


Separate Panchayats for Dalits shall ensure security and development: Sivakami

sivakami rekha raj

  This is the second part of the interview with P. Sivakami, ex-IAS officer, writer and politician who founded the political party, the ‘Samuga Samatuva Padai’, to work ‘on the principles of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, as a forum for social equality’. She is also the founder of the Dalit Land Rights Movement in Tamil …


Muslim-Catholic dialogue in India: Is caste the main problem?

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  Jason Keith Fernandes Introduction Sharing his experiences on Christian-Muslim dialogue in the March ’09 issue of Jivan, Fr Paul Jackson was unusually reticent on the challenges that face the Catholic aspirant on this route. To say that this route is a path of thorns would not be an exaggeration, since there are quite a …