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Does India lack the moral stamina to stop manual scavenging?

Dhamma Darshan

  Dhamma Darshan Nigam Within eight days, eleven Indian citizens have died in sewers and septic tanks. Five died in a septic tank in Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh1 on 16th September. On 14th September a 28 years old man died while cleaning a Delhi Jal Board2 sewer pit. And five died on 9th September 2018 …


Caste Capital: Historical habits of Savarna Academicians and their Brahmastras

sumit turuk

  Sumit Turuk Growing up as a child in the Dom caste in a village in Odisha made me a close witness to some of the most dehumanizing and filthiest jobs my community that were imposed upon us by the Hindu caste society. Dom caste considered to be one of the lowest in the caste …


Upper Caste Hegemony Through Linguistic Chauvinism: Some Glimpses from Odisha

sumit turuk

  Sumit Turuk “Language enforced by the upper castes of this country on the marginalized communities is just like the Vasuki snake from the Samudra manthan (churning of the ocean episode in Bhagvata Purana) where the Devas (the upper caste linguistic chauvinists) get all control over the wealth and riches (knowledge production, hegemony, perpetuation of …


INDIA: Police force a child to gather severed human parts in Indore


A Joint Statement by Vikas Samvad and the Asian Human Rights Commission Despicable it might be, yet it is a relatively irrelevant incident in India. The latest is the case of Firoz, a 12-year-old boy who is now reportedly suffering from serious psychological trauma after being forced by a Head Constable of the Railway Protection …