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Slips between the cup and the lip: The sorry state of reservation in Central Universities

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  Hany Babu M.T. A massive recruitment exercise is just about to get under way at the University of Delhi. The University has recently advertized for 665 teaching positions with the break up as follows: Professor: 99, Associate Professor: 206, and Assistant Professor: 360. This round of recruitment, however, raises a grave concern with respect …


Protest against FYUP at Jantar Mantar

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  Joint Action Front for Democratic Education A massive demonstration will be organized at Jantar Mantar on 22 June, in which teachers, students, academics, political leaders, and members of the civil society will participate. The Joint Action Front for Democratic Education is compelled to organize another demonstration. We have been conveying our concerns to the …


A sure way to produce Dalit dropouts

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  Udit Raj & Hany Babu The article in The Hindu by Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, on the four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP) in the University of Delhi (Op-Ed, “Drop the rhetoric, start the debate,” June 1, 2013) raises certain important issues. The multiple exit points could become traps for …


FYUP will cause the entire higher education system to collapse: Jenny Rowena

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  Gurinder Azad for Neel Kranti Media In the continuing series of protests against the Four Year Undergraduate Program (FYUP) several students groups, including Students’ Union of India and UDSF of Jawaharlal Nehru University, with several activists and faculty groups demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Human Resource Development today i.e. on 11th June, …