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Is it time to re-strategize the Anti-CAA Protests?

khalid anis ansari 2

  Khalid Anis Ansari Effective protests have to be purposive, expansive and with a clear sense of the core and subsidiary issues. Moreover, in a first-past-the-post electoral system, it is necessary that the protests aspire to convert a winnable majority to their cause. In a context where the Hindutva-Brahmanical discourse/organizations/parties are hegemonic and aspiring to …


Caste atrocity in CSSS: Can the savarna apologize?

urine eflu

  Georgy Kuruvilla Roy While the debate between Huma Dar and Partha Chatterjee over the past week has been enriching and enlightening; the point of this article however, is to show as Klemen Sarkoja sings “the structure of the joke is that this so called progressive intellectual, in order to score his small narcissistic point, …


Blood under Saffron: The myth of Dalit-Muslim confrontation

raju solanki 1

  Raju Solanki    Raju Solanki is an activist and poet based in Gujarat. This is the second part of his notes on Gujarat, the state of Dalits, minorities and other marginalized sections under Moditva (please read the first part here). This part of his notes exposes the hollowness of the myth of Dalit-Muslim confrontation …