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Teri Zameen Tera Aasman – World Premiere of Documentary Film on Women

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  Round Table India  World Premiere Film Screening of TERI ZAMEEN TERA AASMAAN: Bhartiya Nari! Tu Aazaad Kahaan?(Your Earth Your Sky: O Indian Woman! Where thou art free?) ~ {youtube}vQq2OdjCI80{/youtube}  This screening will be a part of the The International Conference onRe-imagining Religion, Caste and Social Justice in South AsiaThe 3rd annual conference Production and …


Dalit Girls Negotiate Women’s Studies


  Rupali Bansode Entering the academic space is not an easy journey for Dalit women. After studying in social science institutions and reading/learning theories about gender and women, there is a phase when self-reflection becomes necessary. In fact, reflexivity is considered very important in feminist research methodology. Taking this into consideration, this note is an …


Revealing the ‘Male Teacher Authority Figure’

n shobhana

  Nidhin Shobhana  ‘Every Image embodies a way of seeing’ – John Berger. He enters the giant classroom in his crisp white short kurta, he walks with an ease which inspires pensive and fearful silence; he is fair-skinned, well-fed and tall, and he speaks clearly with authority. One of the most powerful images of our …


Reflections: National Dalit and Adivasi Women’s Congress 2013

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  Prachi Beula The National Dalit and Adivasi Women’s Congress 2013 was something that was long overdue. I am yet to absorb the ‘explosion of knowledge and power’ that I experienced and when Anoop bhai said we could share our experiences I was glad to sit down and reflect. Many people asked questions like why …