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Chintu Kumari’s flawed defense of the Left

murali ramathoti

  Murali Ramathoti The essence of Chintu Kumari’s response, that “The left and the Ambedkarite movements need Debate and Unity”, is to say that CPIML Liberation’s (henceforth Liberation) struggle focuses not only on economic lines but on social lines too, i.e. on caste, feudal pride, women’s degradation etc. To justify her argument she narrated the …


The Left and the Ambedkarite Movements need Debate and Unity

ambedkar hands

   Chintu Kumari (This open letter is her response to Chinmaya Mahanand’s earlier letter to her) Dear friend Chinmay, I apologize for the delayed response. As you know I was very weak and unwell after the 16-day long hunger strike and under medication. Still, I don’t feel completely well in terms of my health I attempt …


Is it ‘Marx’s agency’ or ‘Manu’s Agency’ that works in CPI-Ml (Liberation)?

chinmaya mahanand

  Chinmaya Mahanand (His reply to Chintu Kumari’s (AISA) response to his Facebook comment on the hunger strike in JNU) Dear Chintu Kumari, Like you, I too felt the necessity to reply. I hope this assertion of your identity as a Dalit woman is not being considered as your ‘immediate identity’ by AISA/Liberation and by …


Maoist presence in Kerala – Beyond revolutionary folklorism


  K K Baburaj Are Maoists, as pointed out by many, making it easier for the government to suppress people’s protests in Kerala? Or are they helping the government bury the struggle for existence of the marginalised? Can Maoist attacks sway the opinion of the people against the government? Does Maoist presence help re-establish the …