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Dalit Public Sphere: Future History of Dalit Politics

sanjeev kumar

Sanjeev Kumar Electoral politics is the ‘popular form’ of politics. Nonetheless, politics has a wider connotation, veiled and translated through various means such as paintings, monuments, songs, architecture, literature, language, protests, movements etc. In fact, these are spatial, temporal and linguistic sites that (de)construct the meaning and nature of politics over and over again. Similarly, …


Road To Conversion: The Chakwada Detour


Dr. Udit Raj (First published in October 2002) Hindutva organisations are outraged over conversions, and their outrage prevents them from entering into negotiations with Muslim and Christian leaders. But have they ever bothered to understand the plight of Dalits? Dalits and backwards consider themselves Hindus, but Hinduism does not respond to them; otherwise, there would …