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Can the VBA Secure Representation and Challenge Established Political Players?  

Ajinkya Sanjay Khandizod Introduction The political landscape in Maharashtra has been characterized by ongoing turmoil, with each passing day bringing new episodes of drama. In the midst of this chaotic environment, the regional party Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA) has a chance to find a silver lining. Founded in 2019, just ahead of the General Elections, …


Is Congress a true alternative to BJP?

Naveen nijam gara

 Naveen (Nijam) Gara                           The Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently declared that Congress will be decimated after the next elections in 2024. Such a statement is no surprise coming from the belligerent BJP and it is indicative of their poll-ready state of mind. Whether that would happen or not will only be evident with time. …


Periyar: The Man That He Was!

Gurinder Azad If anyone has left a rich legacy of aggressively challenging Brahmanism, it is our own Periyar. His full name was Erode Venkatappa Ramasamy Nayakar. Periyar means ‘great man’. Bahujan youth today express their aggression and restlessness against the Brahmanical system by sharing quotes of Periyar on social media, and strive to advance the …