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Critical Reading of NCERT text ‘Indian Constitution at Work’


Lalit Khandare The National Curriculum Framework 2005 for social sciences states: “In the social sciences, the approach proposed in the NCF recognises disciplinary markers while emphasising integration on significant themes, such as water. A paradigm shift is recommended, proposing the study of the social sciences from the perspective of marginalised groups. Gender justice and a …


Thol.Thirumaavalavan writes to Kapil Sibal and Sukhadeo Thorat


  Memoranda submitted by Thol. Thirumaavalavan of the Viduthalai Ciruthaikal Katchi (VCK) to Prof S.K.Thorat, Chairman, NCERT Review Committee and Mr Kapil Sibal, Union Minister of Human Resource Development, Govt.of India, on 29.05.2012 and 30.05.2012 respectively, in New Delhi. ~~~   To Mr Kapil Sibal Honourable Minister of Human Resources Development Government of India New …


The caste-neutral whip and other jokes


Kuffir It is a clear visual representation of ‘secular violence’, which has its roots in the presentation of the Indian National Congress and the Nationalist movement as an unproblematic social organization and process, through which India gained freedom for the betterment and advance of all its ‘citizens.’ – Savari, in ‘Whipping up ‘critical pedagogy’: Uncritical …


Whipping up ‘critical pedagogy’: Uncritical defense of NCERT’s violence

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Savari (Round Table India thanks Savari for sharing this article) Universally, the imagery of a whip evokes the reality of violence throughout human history. The whip is inseparable from violence against slaves, dalits, women, animals and children. Almost all histories of protest against injustice, be it feminism, anti-slavery, anti-caste or anti-apartheid movements have protested and …