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The virus or the ruling castes’ response to it: What’s more dangerous for Bahujans

rahul bansode

Rahul Bansode When Covid-19 started affecting the entire world, many countries globally began enforcing strict lockdowns to prevent its spread. Following suit, Indian government announced the lockdown of entire country on 23rd March. Thousands of migrants, most of them Dalit-Adivasi-Bahujans were found stranded across India without food and water. Many of the migrant workers started …


10% EWS: Conceived by Courts and Delivered by Cong-RSS and BJP


Ayaz Ahmad Abhishek: How did the 124th amendment bill and 103rd CA Act come about? Ayaz: The constitutional debate in courts around reservation from 1950 onwards focused on reducing reservation to an exceptional policy instrument. Towards this end, the principle of formal equality as enshrined under Articles 15(1) and 29(2) were given primacy over the principle …