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Dedicated to everyone who believes in the republic: “Mhorkya”

Bhagyashri Boywad  “Mhorkya” is a movie that revolves around the question of leadership in a School Parade. Marathi movies are always known for addressing various social issues. The Marathi word “Mhorkya” translates to “Leader.” The film is set in rural Maharashtra, specifically in the Solapur district, Barshi, where a distinct Marathi dialect is prevalent. The …


I, Bhagyashri Boywad

bhagyashree boywad

  Bhagyashri Boywad I, Bhagyashri Boywad, come from Nanded, one of the backward districts of Marathwada. I am from an economically backward family, my father works as an auto-driver and mother is a domestic worker. We do not own a house given the economic conditions. Both my siblings (one sister and a brother) had to …