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Human Liberation Day: Live talks organised by Ambedkar International Center


  We are all aware of India’s recent socio-political developments (NRC/CAA, COVID 19, Hathras, etc.) and their unfavorable impact on minorities and oppressed communities. However, it is difficult to grasp how these seemingly disparate incidents are all connected and explain, in a way, their origins. It is interesting to note that Dr. Ambedkar had predicted …


An Invitation From Dr. Ambedkar International Center in Washington DC

ambedkar international center

  Sandeep Chavan A Personal Invitation To Attend The First Ever Gathering/Meeting At Dr. Ambedkar International Center, Washington DC, USA on 21-Jul-2013! A Proud Moment! Jai Bhim All! As you all are aware, in May 2013 the first step of completing formalities of taking over and setting up our very own first Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar …