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Mockery of Electoral System in Central University of Gujarat

vinod and hawaldar

  Vinod Kumar & Hawaldar Bharti Student movements in general, and students’ union election system in particular, have systematically been made non-effective through various government rulings by several electoral reform committees, particularly Lyngdoh Committee recommendations. In most of the Universities either there is no system of student representatives who can raise their voice for the …


The Students’ Struggles of Hyderabad Central University: Emergence of Dalit students’ Politics

kesava kumar

Prof. P. Kesava Kumar In recent times, the privileged public sphere named University has occupied the centre stage of Indian politics. University is often viewed as an active place of learning by holding together the diverse social and political communities. It is not only a centre for catering knowledge, it also produces knowledge. Needless to …


In the name of fear: Deconstructing dominant discourse of Left in JNU

default image

  Akash Sulochana Here I wish to deconstruct the ‘Narrative of fear’ used as a part of the dominant discourse of left in JNU as a part of their political propaganda: a. If you do not vote for us, ABVP will come.b. If you vote for BAPSA, the vote will be split, and ABVP will …


The (Profitable) Consequences of Violence in JNU’s Student Politics

ankit kawade

  Ankit Kawade To respond to the violence of 15th September in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in a dispassionate manner is perhaps uncalled for. We are aware of the pitfalls of demonizing the actions of a political adversary. As much as it drives us to a feeling of horror at what we have seen, we …


BAPSA: A challenge to the ABVP and Pseudo-Left in JNU

bapsa central panel 2018

 Manikanta Pallikonda Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students’ Association (BAPSA-JNU), an independent Ambedkarite students’ organization, is contesting the 2018 JNU Students’ Union elections.This is the fourth election since the inception of BAPSA in 2014, and a steady increase in its consolidated vote share gives us hope that more and more students on campus view it as an …


Caste Capital: Historical habits of Savarna Academicians and their Brahmastras

sumit turuk

  Sumit Turuk Growing up as a child in the Dom caste in a village in Odisha made me a close witness to some of the most dehumanizing and filthiest jobs my community that were imposed upon us by the Hindu caste society. Dom caste considered to be one of the lowest in the caste …


“Their Seats of Power Are Shaking in the Face of Oppressed Unity”

bapsa poster

Shabana Ali  (This is a rough transcript in English of Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students’ Association’s Presidential Candidate for JNUSU elections 2017 Shabana Ali’s almost 33-minute long speech at BAPSA’s pre-election General Body Meeting (GBM) at the Mahi-Mandvi Mess, held on the 2nd of September, 2017.)