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Brajesh Thakur, Who is Responsible for Muzaffarpur Multiple Rapes?


  Bobby Kunhu “I do not expect the White Media to create positive Black images” – Huey Newton “Historically, rape and sexual violence have been used as means to dominate and control different races, cultures, and groups of people.” – Chardonnay Madkins The Muzaffarpur multiple rapes and the way the state machinery and discourse has …


A Discourse called Dignity: Notes from Kashmir


  Pushpendra Johar In September 2015, a close friend who is from Kashmir was debating the outcome of the recent recruitments of young Kashmiris in local militant organizations like Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. The discussion was in the light of the history of early days of militancy and their culmination in the late 1990s. He concluded that it …