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Stories of a Dalit Dom

Stories of a Dalit Dom

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Sumit Turuk

A small effort to make a rap on the experiences of Dalit identity and importance of Ambedkarism. Apologies for the video quality and the speed of the rap. Hope you like the message. Thanks!!!

(Dedicated to all the fighting Dalit students)

Hey, here are some stories of a Dalit Dom,
If you wanna know come and listen to where it comes from,
When we go to school you say hey DOM you are too dumb.
We grow up with your casteist slurs ringing in our ears,
You keep abusing with surnames throughout the years,
Have you ever thought it cost us our tears,
I am sure it sounds u very normal coz u been doing it for years.
We feel like leaving studies in the middle of the year,
But hey educate said Babasaheb Ambedkar.

In your lectures there’s a place for Marx, Nehru, Tagore
I wanna ask what about Savitri, Phule, Ambedkar,
When Sati was a norm, women studying was a taboo,
Then did Savitri Mai fight with the Savarna Babu.
You keep on doing right, left, left and right
But we always lose our lives in the middle of your fight.
Baba Saheb did say Educate, Agitate and Organize,
You still keep doing Appropriate, Exclude and Stigmatize

In LSR, Presidency, Stephens you take your pride,
But hey folks let me tell you it’s the savarna privileges giving u a easy ride.
Roy, Pandey , Chakravorty, Mukherjee, Chatterjee ,
I wanna know where are our Dalit Faculties.
You call urselves progressives
It stinks of Brahmanism.
There are No Dalits in your Radical Feminism.

Our mothers are made to pick up your Brahmin Shit,
There are a million Manual Scavengers
Upon whom you spit,
Hey this is from Una hey this is from Una,
You beat up our brothers stripped naked in the middle of the street,
And you still keep saying you should keep quiet.

We do your cremations, we produce your foods,
We do cow skinning for your leather boots.
Caste is a monster that crosses our path,
We still have Ambedkarism to fight its wrath,
Senthil, Rohith, Muthhu, Delta Meghwal,
You still keep denying your Social Capital

We say liberty, we say fraternity,
We say equality, we say dignity,
You blame us for doing politics of identity,
And hey yes we do politics on our identity,
Coz we been discriminated on our identity,
This is to transform the social reality,
A battle to reclaim the Human personality.

Banshan Marwein (Video Credit) Thanks a lot!!


Sumit Turuk belongs to the Dom (dalit) community from Tentulipadar, a small village of Koraput in Odisha. He is currently pursuing his masters in Spanish Language in JNU and also works in BAPSA (Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students’ Association)in JNU.