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Statement Against Honour Killings in Tamil Nadu

Statement Against Honour Killings in Tamil Nadu

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 Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

 Sub: To annihilate anti-social propaganda and consolidation in Tamil Nadu

We, the undersigned, concerned citizens from different walks of life are seriously disturbed by the unprecedented, unpleasant and uncivil acts of anti-social elements creating rift between social groups and communities in the name of protecting caste pride for political mobilization, particularly from 2011-12 across the State of Tamil Nadu, which are mostly centered around anti inter-caste marriages and love. Some of the gangs belonging to Caste groups having high vested interest in consolidating their political power are resorting to poisoning the minds of younger generation on Caste and Communal hatred.

This kind of barbarity are not only disturbing but also shaming the espoused values of radical and progressive politics of State of Tamil Nadu as well as challenging the existence of rule of law, state and civility. Undemocratic goons are defaming and humiliating womanhood and self through cultural policing in the name of protecting woman as their Caste property and honour by taking law into their hand and massacring individuals who exercise their personal freedom and liberty.

The State and Civil Society response is not adequate enough to weed-out criminal, anti-social elements from society. This lukewarm response from State and Civil Society- Political party, Intellectuals, Creative Industry, Students and Youth Organizations, Women and Gender Organizations – may result in dangerous consequences. Therefore, we undersigned, appeal to like-minded conscious groups, organizations, and individuals etc. to unite in rock solid solidarity to annihilate these anti-social propaganda and consolidation.

CC: Governor of Tamil Nadu

Chief Justice, Madras High Court

 Leaders of Social Movements

 Editors of Print, Visual and New Media.

 Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu

 President/Gen Sec of Political Parties in Tamil Nadu


From Undersigned:

C Lakshmanan, Faculty, MIDS, Chennai and Member, ICDA

D Jayaraj, Faculty, MIDS, Chennai

 Ajith Menon, Faculty, MIDS, Chennai

 P. Sivakami, President, Samuga Samathuva Padai

 Anand Teltumbde, Faculty, IIT, Gorakpur

 Rajkumar, Faculty, Delhi University

 N Sukumar, Faculty, Delhi University

 V Sujatha, Faculty, JNU

 Padma (Mangai), Theatre Person, Chennai

 J Balasubramaniam, Faculty, Madurai Kamarajar University,

 Bhangya Bhukya, Faculty, University of Hyderabad

 M. Ramakrishnan, Faculty, Central University Jharkhand, Ranchi

 Ramesh Kamble, Faculty, University of Mumbai

 Punitha Pandian, Editor, Dalit Murasu, Chennai

 Kavitha Muralidharan, Journalist, Chennai

 Harsh Jagzap, Faculty, Pune University

 Santhi Nakkeera, Independent Researcher, Ahmedabad

 Jerom Samraj, Faculty, Pondicherry University

 Rona Wilson, Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners

 Tamilselvan, Faculty, Centre for Integrated Social Development and Research, Tenkasi

 Harish, Research Scholar, Mangalore University

 Aparajay, Student, MIDS

 Bharathidasan. K, Student, MIDS

 Safwan Amir, Student, MIDS

 Dickens M Leonard, Research Scholar, Hyderabad Central University

 Semmalar, Research Scholar, IIT, Madras

 S. Chandramohan, English Dalit Poet

 Chandhrika, Research Scholar, Tiruppathy

 P. Ramajeyam, Faculty, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli

 Stalin Rajangam, Writer, Madurai

 Anbuselvam, Writer, Pondicherry

 Jegannathan, Research Scholar, Madurai Kamarajar University

 E. Deepa, Student, MIDS

 Gopal Menon, Filmmaker, Chennai

 Surabi Ganapathy

 Venkat S

 Veeramani, Faculty, Faculty, Delhi University

 Palanivelu Rangasamy

 Siva Shankar, Faculty, Vellore

 Jayabal, Student, JNU

 Kalpana Karunakaran, Faculty, IIT-M

 Kavitha V

 Ramanujam Srinivasan

 V. Lenin kumar, Student, JNU

 Jeyaraj J S

 David Lal

 Arijit Nag

 Aadhavan Dheetchanya, Writer

 Chandrasekar D

 Abul Kalam Azad, Student, IIT-M

 Venkat T, Student, MIDS

 Manikandaraja S

 T.N. Gopalan, Journalist, Chennai

 Chinmaya Mahanand

 Malathy Sada

 Sangeetha Loganathan

 Chandrika R,

 Mayuresh Ahirrao

 Kiran A.S.

 Bobby Kunhu, Activist

 Guhankumar Ponnusamy

 Keya Gupta

 Antony Jaykar, Activist, Tiruchi

 Saravana Kumar, Student, MIDS

 Janvi Joshi

 Antony Arul Valan

 Pugal Gautham

 Dhanapal Venkatachalam

 Ayesha Sultan

 Anitha Sampath

 Sridhar Raman

 Selvaraju KV

 Samuel Asir Raj, Faculty, Madurai

 Jenny Rowena, Delhi University

 Ravichandran (Dalit Camera)

 Radhika Menon, Faculty, University of Delhi

 B. Venkat Rao, Faculty, EFLU, Hydrabad

 Kavitha, Nilgiri

 Vijaya Baskar, Faculty, MIDS

 B. Badmini, Faculty, Queen Mary’s College, Chennai

 Balaji, Chennai

 Kannan, Kalachuvadu

 Yuvabharathi, Writer

 Prema Revathi, Writer

 P. K. Abdul Rahman, Faculty, University of Madras

 Shanthi N.S, Independent Researcher, Ahmedabad

 Deepthi Sukumar, SKA, Chennai

 Sukirtharani, Writer, Vellore

 Harish Jagzap, Faculty, Pune University

 Sareen Chatla, Faculty, EFLU, Hyderabad

 Suresh, Faculty, Delhi University

 Kokilavani, Student, MIDS

 Elayaraja, Student, MIDS.



Round Table India fully supports the views expressed in this statement.

[Via Chinnaiyan Lakshmanan]