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In the Stream of Consciousness with Priyadarshini Ohol: Solo Exhibition in Kolkata

In the Stream of Consciousness with Priyadarshini Ohol: Solo Exhibition in Kolkata



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You are cordially invited to the first Calcutta gallery solo of Priyadarshini Ohol – a Bombay artist who paints at her studio in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.


The artist at the opening. The painting “El Dorado” (48″ x 36″ Acrylic on Canvas) appears in the background.

The exhibition is on view from 21-26 November 2017 at the 4th Floor gallery of the Birla Academy of Art and Culture from 3-8pm.

Commenting on her works at the inauguration, Eminent Artist Samir Aich said,

 “The work is good and honest.”
“Character of place like Dharamshala reflects in the coolness of the works.”
“She has her own unique style.”

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Reminisce about Halcyon Times, 36″x48″, Acrylic on Canvas.


In the Stream of Consciousness with Priyadarshini Ohol

Solo Exhibition

Eminent Artist Mr. Samir Aich opened the exhibition on 21 Nov 2017 at 6pm.

On View
21 Nov to 26 Nov 2017, 3-8pm
Birla Academy of Art & Culture, 4th Floor, 108, Southern Avenue, Kolkata 700029

About the Show

By mid 2016, the artist, seeking a free and creative environment, was painting prolifically in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. The abundant Himalayan region catalyzed emotional freedom and it reflects in her art. The exhibition showcases this period in the form of the original progression from landscape and impressionistic works such as abstract skyscapes and floral abstracts to complete abstract expressionism.


The artist with the painting “Looking into the Distance”, 10″x8″, Acrylic on Canvas.

Individually and as a collection the paintings reflect the spontaneous human mind. The artist works from embedded memories, emotions, colours, visuals, ideas and visions. These come to the forefront sometimes superimposing, while sometimes mingling with each other, and are displayed as closely as possible on canvas.

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Eminent Artist Samir Aich examines “Precious Day”, 16″x12″,Acrylic on Canvas.

Thus each piece transposes the viewer to a state of emotion and flows through the various layers of the artist’s mind as it moves through myriad emotions, visuals and thoughts creating a stream of consciousness. The artist attempts to capture this stream of conciousness in her work.

IMG 20171115 084822 small

“Fantasies”, 48″x36″, Acrylic on Canvas.

Through the exhibition “In the Stream of Consciousness with Priyadarshini Ohol”, the artist invites you to an intimate experience into her stream of consciousness.

Artist’s bio

An artist from Bombay, Priyadarshini supported her Mechanical Engineering degree through modelling, ran a couple of businesses, changed things as an activist, took acting lessons in Delhi before a ski accident and surgery steered her towards painting as an art form.

IMG 20171115 085103 1 small

“El Dorado”, 48″ x 36″, Acrylic on Canvas.

Post recuperation, she moved into the lap of the Dhauladhar Himalayas to paint full time. She lives and paints at her studio in Dharamshala. She can be contacted on the phone at 9967303965 or emailed at

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Clockwise from right: Samir Aich, Manas Acharya, Pravin Bhandakkar, Priyadarshini Ohol, Dhruba Basu

Recent Exhibitions

Priyadarshini Ohol Solo Show, India Art Festival, Thyagaraj Stadium, Delhi, January 2017

* “Colour Spectra”, Artizen Art Gallery, Delhi, Group Exhbition, February 2017

* “Ode to Her”, Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Gorky Sadan, Kolkata, Group Exhibition, March 2017

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Eminent Artist Samir Aich and Curator Sikha Roy inaugurated the show.

* “Explorations”, AIFACS, Delhi, Group Exhibition, March 2017

* “Beyond Colours”, Visual Arts Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, Delhi, Group Exhibition, May 2017

* “International Art Exhibition”, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai, Group Exhibition, May 2017

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The artist Priyadarshini Ohol outside the Birla Academy of Art & Culture, the location of the show.


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