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Paralleling Ambedkar and Marx – A covert Plot

Paralleling Ambedkar and Marx – A covert Plot

Rajani Ingle

Rajani Ingle

Rajani Ingle

An unusual phenomenon is repeateadly striking in the self proclaimed intellectual corridors of “Left” India. These corridors are filled with poets, writers, academicians, columnists, social media influencers and many such minds who claim to adore Marx and Ambedkar equally and are seen investing considerable amount of time and mind space to prove how Marxist theories and Ambedkar’s writings are resemblant.

This is dangerous, gravely dangerous to the idea of Nation that Ambedkar proposed. In his 1956 speech, ‘Buddha or Karl Marx’ , Ambedkar clearly elaborates the means adopted by the Communists as violence and dictatorship of the Proletariat. While the Buddhism Ambedkar embraced and wished to propagate stressed on changing the moral disposition of a man, to convert him to walk on the path of righteousness and to banish sorrow and unhappiness from the face of the world. As Ambedkar concluded inarguably that the Communist Philosophy may provide equality, but it will surely sacrifice fraternity and liberty in the fortification. As “Equality is of no value without fraternity or liberty, It seems that the three can co-exist only if one follows the way of the Buddha. Communism can give one but not all.”

About half of its population are under 25 years of age and two-thirds are under 35. Despite the political maneuvering of narratives by vested proponents, this measure of young minds having access to digital and all other forms of data, are reading , understanding and interpreting Ambedkar like never before. Thanks to the colonial influence of India’s educational system and the absence of ‘Cow Curriculum’ since independence, these young minds are a bit more objective and scientific than their older counterparts. A major lot amongst them are Dalit, Bahujan, Adivasi, Minority and Pasmanda youths of either gender who is acknowledging the vital role Ambedkar played in building the Nation socially, politically and economically.

No Left, Right, Center either far or alt can ignore these hard facts of current times. They have sensed the rise of Ambedkarism- Studying and Applying thoughts of Ambedkar in utmost rational and logical framework. And this has initiated a sudden wave of appropriating Ambedkar in all forms and on all platforms by the past denouncers.

The CPI didn’t participated in the process of Constitution making and called it a ‘Charter of Slavery’. The Party reacted to the new Indian Constitution in 1949 as a ‘ Slave Constitution representing a conspiracy on the part of the Indian capitalist class and British Imperialism’. Communist leaders of 2020 are now praising Ambedkar and his commitment to equality and social justice and are thanking him today for framing India’s Constitution.

The Elgaar Parishad, Varavara Rao , K Satyanarayana and others can be seen making deliberate attempts to utter Marx and Ambedkar in one breath. Why are these Marx followers not talking about Ambedkar’s unapologetic thoughts about Communists? They will never! They desperately need Ambedkar now like never before to fill the gaps Marxism and Communism has left in each class of the society all over the world.

Modern day “Manus” are a visible threat to the spirit of fraternity of our Nation and its advancement. But the ones who use Ambedkar to sell left ideologies are doing the greatest disservice to the thought of the Nation Ambedkar embraced. “A Nation is a living soul and a spiritual principle” as he quotes Renan in ‘Thoughts on Pakistan’. Ambedkar further added “Nationality means consciousness of kind, awareness of the existence of that tie of kinship, And Nationalism means the desire for a separate national existence for those who are bound by this tie of Kinship.” Do the Marxists endorse the principle of kinship Ambedkar was so demanding about? They, who don’t believe in overthrowing capitalism but hussle to use capitalist system and The Preamble in tandem arrangement to end all shades of discrimination and most importantly caste based discrimination, will they support tie of kinship among varied classes, among labors and owners, among left and right ideologues?



Rajani Ingle did her Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, Aurangabad. She resigned from government service in 2014 to work on more boundless and versatile social issues. Her interests are in Ambedkarite Thoughts, Writings and Dalit Literature.