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Open letter to PM Modi: Dalits and Adivasis left out of ‘Sabka Vikas’

Open letter to PM Modi: Dalits and Adivasis left out of ‘Sabka Vikas’

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Hon’ble Prime Minister,
Government of India,
New Delhi

Subject: Dalits Adivasis of this country are left out in Sabka Vikas


Dalits and Adivasis are out of the caste system and the annals of history are full of evidence that almost every time they have to fight for their rights. Finance Minster gave tax cut of 5% in Corporate Tax for next 4 years and abandoned wealth tax. We don’t understand how it goes with your slogan ‘Sabka Vikas’. when on the other side there is denial of due share to Dalits and Adivasis.

Caste system approves social discrimination at large and you are approving the economic discrimination in form of denial of Rs. 66420 Cr to ‘Vikas’ of Dalits and Adivasis. Are they included in your ‘Sabka Sath’ or do you exclude them from ‘Sabka Vikas’. In the parliament session you said, Yeh gareebon ko samarpit sarkaar hai. To prove that, we request you to make allocations as per SCSP/TSP guidelines.

The SCs should be allocated 16.6% of the Plan Outlay, which amounts to Rs 77,236 crore towards SCSP and the STs should be allocated 8.6% of the Plan Outlay, which amounts to Rs 40,014 Crore towards TSP. This is the first time the plan budget has been reduced in a decade.

HDI Report of India and most of the States will affirm that for any indicator of human development and social positioning, Dalits and Adivasis are located at the periphery of the society. The Dalit and Adivasi women suffer more in mortality, dropouts in education due to physical isolation is high among tribes but still there is reduction in the budget of education and health care services. For the Dalit & Adivasi women the budget is completely silent, with practically nothing for them. Ya fir aap ‘mann ki baat’ kar do aur bolo, ‘acche din’ aap logo ke liye nahi hai.


Priyadarshi Telang

Dalit Adivasi Adhikar Andolan


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