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One year of NDA: A short review

One year of NDA: A short review

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Rahul Kumar

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It has been more than a year since the formation of the NDA government in India. People invested their trust in this government hoping to see some growth in employment and the economy. Many citizens voted for it thinking it would go beyond just power and make India shine. Voters invested their faith in the last election hoping to see change.

Prior to the elections in 2014, the NDA released its manifesto wherein they mentioned 40 promises to the Indian people and claimed that if they came to power with full strength they will implement whatever there is in the manifesto within six months. But since the NDA government has come into power we have many alarming reports about the increasing crime rate in terms of rape, communal riot etc. as discussed here.

Recently, the UN Rights Council intimated to the Indian government to stop caste based rape and violence against women in India. It has been found that since the last one and half years, caste based rape and crime has increased.The NCRB report says, 93 women are raped each day in India. Many NGOs have been knocking the NDA government’s door for the same issue but nothing has been achieved so far.

A US report says that rape is the fastest growing crime in India. In the year 2013 the incidents of rape in India increased by 32.5 percentage over the past year.

Another report shows that the percentage of crimes against Dalits by upper caste/ dominant class people in India have increased at an excessive rate in the last one year.

Since the NDA government came into power, the budgetary funding for SCSP (Scheduled Caste Sub Plan) and TSP (Tribal Sub Plan), which need to be allocated to both groups in proportion to their respective populations according to the SCSP and TSP guidelines, have in fact been decreased by 61% and 53% respectively.

Another research report published by Yale University shows and concludes that since the NDA government came into power, the number of communal riots has increased, and all areas where communal riots took place were due for elections shortly.The leader of the NDA and Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has not taken any kind of action on all these riots which seem planned and intentional.

Moreover, since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, he has visited around 20+ countries in his one and half year tenure, something he continues to be busy with even now. It has been found that whenever any human rights violence happens in India, our Indian PM planned a foreign trip.



Rahul Kumar is a blogger, who usually writes on social issues. He has also received Media Training in Israel. He had worked with Navbharat Times and Financial Express earlier. He has written a book, ‘Social media and academics accomplishment’.