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District Magistrate: Remove untouchability from Karauli (Rajasthan) #Dignity4All

District Magistrate: Remove untouchability from Karauli (Rajasthan) #Dignity4All

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Stalin K

Last weekend, I was a guest on Satyamev Jayate with Aamir Khan where we discussed the issue of untouchability and how this illegal practice is still shockingly a part of Indian tradition.

In Dangariya village of Rajasthan, “lower caste” women are asked to remove their footwear as they pass “upper caste” neighbourhoods. This has been happening for several years, in spite of untouchability having been declared illegal by the Constitution of India.


If these women wore slippers in front of the so called ‘upper caste neighbourhoods’ they would be abused and their husbands would be troubled for days.

To help these women get their dignity back, I have started a petition on telling the District Magistrate of Karauli to abolish untouchability and punish those who practice it.

On the show we saw examples of how support from the police and authorities can help get rid of untouchability.

The DM of Karauli can help these women by enforcing strict laws against untouchability and punishing those who practice it. We need 5000 signatures to put pressure on the DM and support these women lead a dignified life.

Article 17 on the Constitution of India states Untouchability is abolished and its practice in any form is punishable under law. Yet it’s a practice that thousands still take part in several places like Dangariya.

The DM should ensure that this practice is abolished and these women are provided adequate security to lead a dignified life.

Join me and help women in Dangariya village lead a dignified life. Tell the District Magistrate of Karauli to end this tradition and provide security to the dalit women who are forced to follow this tradition.

Thanks for taking action,

Stalin K,

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