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The disappearance of two Dalit students in Mahabubnagar

The disappearance of two Dalit students in Mahabubnagar

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Raise your voice against the disappearance of two Dalit students in Mahabubnagar!

Report filed by Karthik Navayan

The details of the case are that on 15th August, 2005, the CPI (Maoist) party killed one sitting MLA, Chittem Narsi Reddy of Makthal constituency, in Mahabubnagar district. In this case, the police of Mahabubnagar started harassing the families of the 1. Bandari Mallesh S/o Laxmanna R/o Makthal, and 2. Vaddera Manohar S/o Thimmanna R/o Kalwala. The families of the above said victims went to the police and requested them to not to harass them as the they are only students and had nothing to do with the above said case.

Even after that, the police continued to harass the families of the students. The families of the victims took a decision and produced them before the Superintendent of Police, Mahabubnagar, on 16th Nov, 2005. Then the SP assured the families that the police would release both students in two days, but they failed to do so. The parents of the students were unable to get any information on the whereabouts of their children. So on 18th Nov, 2005, the parents of the students filed a habeas corpus petition in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh. After the High Court’s intervention, the police produced the students before Makthal court stating that both the students were involved in the murder of the MLA Narsi Reddy. The students were sent on judicial remand to the Mahabubnagar district jail. Before producing them, the police haf brutally beaten and used third degree measures on the victims. The parents of the victims got bail ordered on 26th Feb, 2006, and furnished the sureties on 6th March and got them released. At the time of release, another two accused, 1. Karrem Suresh, 2. Ramalingappa, and their parents were also present at the jail premises. After their release, the police again picked up the released persons and the parents of 1. Karrem Suresh, 2. Ramalingappa immediately, within 1 kilometre distance from the jail. Police in mufti took away a total of 8 persons in a Commander jeep, and later they released 6 people (other than 1.Bandari Mallesh S/o Laxmanna R/o Makthal, 2. Vaddera Manohar S/o Thimmanna R/o Kalwala i.e., the 2 students) in Devarakonda forest on March 7th. Then the parents again filed a habeas corpus petition in the High Court to release the detenues. The Court ordered the police to produce them before any court. But the police filed a counter stating that the détenues were not in their custody and they had joined the Maoist party. Then the parents filed an additional evidence affidavit stating that their children had been picked up by the police. As there was no response from the police, the Honble Justice Bilal Nazki ordered Mahabubnagar police to inquire in to the matter and report to the registrar every month. But there has been no report from the police even after 5 years. The parents of the detenues also filed complaints before the State Human Rights Commission and National Human Rights Commission. But there has been no progress … the families of the disappeared youth are praying to the police to show the dead bodies of their children, at least, if they had killed them in a fake encounter.