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Dhamma Cakka Pavattana Day

Dhamma Cakka Pavattana Day

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Celebrating ‘Dhamma Cakka Pavattana’ Day and the first day of ‘Varsa Vassa’

(Setting in motion the Wheel of Truth and Three Months rain retreat)

on Thursday, 2nd August, 2012

between 6:15pm and 8:15pm


Siddhartha Buddha Vihara Trust, Bowenpally, Secunderabad, AP.,

Contact Bhanteji: 9849973017

All are invited to participate along with family and friends, and gain lot of merit


After attaining supreme enlightenment on the full moon day of May (Vaisakha), the Buddha for the first time delivered his profound Dhamma, the doctrine of truth on the full moon day of Ashadi (July) to the five monks at the deer park in Isipathana near Varanasi. This deliverance of truth is proclaimed by the Buddha as ‘Dhamma Cakka Pavattana Day‘, meaning, setting in motion the wheel of truth or Exposition of Disciples, calling the ‘Bhikkhu Sangha’ for the promotion and propagation of the Dhamma. This day also marks ‘The Sangha Day’.

In commemoration of Holy ‘Dhamma Cakka Pavattana Day’, Members of Siddhartha Buddha Vihara Trust and Young Buddhist Group, Hyderabad, will celebrate this multi-auspicious occasion on Thursday 2nd August 2012, at 6.15 PM at Siddhartha Buddha Vihara, New Bowenpally, Secunderabad.


06.00 pm: Vandana and Chanting of Dhammacakka Pavattana Sutta

06.15 pm: Tri-Ratna Puja (Veneration to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha)

06.30 pm: Dhamma Discourses by Monks

08.15 pm: Refreshments.

The following Bhikkhus (Monks) will be observing Varsha Vassa:

*Ven Khemachara Bhikkhu, *Ven Bhaddhiya Bhikkhu, *Ven Kumara Bhikkhu and *Ven Silananda Bhikkhu.

Note: During the Varsa Vassa Dhamma talk and Meditation classes to be conducted, I invite all the Upasakas and Upasikas to attend all occasions like the full moon day and new moon day; and also all members are requested to support the monks’ daily requisites and gain lot of merits.

May All Beings be Well and Happy. 

[Via Rajesh Suthari]