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Dehumanized Body: India 2018

Dehumanized Body: India 2018



Priyadarshini Ohol requests the pleasure of your company at

|| Dehumanized Body : India 2018 ||

Opening at the Academy of Fine Arts, North Gallery
on 2nd October, 2018 at 5:30 pm
followed by tea


Butoh Live Art
Everyday 6 – 6:30pm
Audience is Invited to Participate

On View 2-8 October 3-8 pm

2, Cathedral Road, Maidan Kolkata

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I’m doing an Audio Visual installation at the Academy of Fine Arts from the 2nd to 8th October 2018 titled “Dehumanized Body : India 2018.” Everyday, for 1/2 hour from 6-6:30 the artist and audience becomes a live part of the artwork. This performance as well as the installation is about the continuous ongoing dehumanization of people by individuals and state. I have channelled our violent surroundings and times through my body into the piece. It is a current cultural commentary.

The work is meant to force an acknowledgement of how violent a society we are without recourse to superficial delusions of grandeur, to show reality, to present a mirror and to evoke a response for change. The motivation is to do the job of artist. The elements used to design the performance are “objects used to dehumanize” , “artist” , “mirrors” , “ongoing visual projections of the installation” , “sound” and “audience”.

I need help to manage the audience interaction as I perform. To volunteer, please contact me on or 9967303965

This is a playlist of the performances that this one is based



Priyadarshini Ohol is an Artist and Activist fond of Adventure Sports. She used to be a businesswoman and one of her businesses was about writing.