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Dalit youth murdered by Vanniyar gang

Dalit youth murdered by Vanniyar gang

dhinesh kumar


[Via Joshua Isaac]

Walajabad, Kanchipuram dist.

Chitiyampakkam village: Dalit youth Dhinesh Kumar (23) was murdered last night (18th December, 2013) at the petrol bunk he was working in. The murderers came in as customers, woke him up & attacked with sickles; he died on the spot.

dhinesh kumar

Local Dalits informed the Liberation Panthers about an issue that took place aqbout two months back involving school students of the colony & caste Hindus from Rajakulam village. Some of the Dalit students were taken to an isolated place and beaten up by the Vanniyar gang and Dalit youth retaliated.

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Martyr Dhinesh Kumar played an important role in mobilizing Dalits of his colony against Vanniyar atrocities. His body was taken to Kanchipuram dist. govt. hospital after the attack. Upon receiving information, Liberation Panthers reached the hospital & organised a protest.

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Panthers met the SP demanding immediate arrest of killers and filing of cases under SC/ST Atrocities act (before they reached the spot, the police had filed cases under normal sections). The SP, understanding there was ground for the Dalits’ demands, ensured that cases were filed under the SC/ST Atrocities act.

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Martyr Dinesh Kumar’s  funeral took place in his Cheri. Kanchipuram District VCK Secretary, Annan Su Ka Viduthalai Chezhiyan, Department Secretary, Akka Indira Ambedkarvalavan, and the State command representative for Kanchi took part in it.

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Protest demanding justice to martyr Dinesh Kumar has been announced for 21st December, 2013, in front of the Kanchipuram dist. Collector’s office.

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Info & pictures courtesy: Paruthikulam Mathi Aadhavan, Kanchi VCK.