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Dalit Sthree Sakthi plans anti-liquor campaign

Consumption of liquor in the State (Andhra Pradesh) has now reached alarming and monstrous proportions. Today most of the toiling masses, particularly the dalits, have become slaves of the habit, consequently destroying their own health and family economy. This habit has increased domestic violence and is a contributory factor in killing of wives on various pretexts. In addition to violence at home the drunkards are resorting to various other crimes on women. Most of the dalits are becoming pawns in hands of corrupt political parties and leaders due to this habit. Though, drinking habit was there since long back it was confined to a small section of people who used to consume natural products like toddy. But over the last two decades, alcohol consumption replaced toddy consumption and has now become rampant. Due to slavery to this habit people are unable to fight for their rights and are being purchased by the political leaders and parties.


It is the political parties and government together that are responsible for the spread of liquor habit for their own political and economic motives. It is also in the interest of the corrupt politicians to keep the people in intoxication so that, the political bosses can continue their loot. In the recent ACB raids on liquor syndicates the nexus between politicians and liquor mafia has come out.

A decade ago, the dalit women of this State had spontaneously launched a historic movement against liquor which was considered as unparalleled in the world.

It is necessary for the dalit women to reignite and launch such a massive movement again and protect the people of this state from the liquor monster. Towards this objective, DSS has taken up the programme of anti-liquor campaign and as a first step has decided to take up following activities:

* Educate the people through village campaigns on the ills of liquor consumption from 1st to 13th April 2012

Demand the closure of belt shops

* Intellectuals’ meet at Press Club, Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad on 14th April 2012 from 2pm onwards.

The meet is being held on 14th April to commemorate the birth day of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. We can reach the goals set by Dr. Ambedkar only if the mass of the dalits and poor are freed from the yoke of this dreaded habit, so that they can fight against the vested interests. You are requested to seriously ponder over the issue and contribute your ideas by participating in the meet on 14th April 2012.


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