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Dalit Christians in favour of land reforms
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New Delhi, Saturday, October 6, 2012:

Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM), a Christian organization, supports the land reforms movement carried by P.V Rajgopal, Ekta Parishad.

R.L. Francis, President, PCLM is of the view that a legislation regarding the protection of water, forest and land is required if the government really wants to better the lives of tribal people.

Christian leader R. L. Francis says that ancient tribes are on the verge of extinction and suffering enormous problems. The UN Report: ‘The status of the world’s Indigenous People’ says that in India tribal people are being displaced in the name of development. Poverty, disease, unemployment and illiteracy are major problems for the tribal population.

R. L. Francis said that poor people are turning towards metro cities after being displaced from their land due to the huge scale land acquisition. In metros they are living in pathetic condition. Land is being acquired for industrialisation because of unholy nexus of corporate and government. Government does not bother for them.

PCLM understands problem of landless laborers. A Major populations of dalit Christians are landless labourers. Indian church has thousands of thousands hectares of land under its possession. Similarly, other religious institutions also have huge land under their control. The government should distribute both the government and non-government land among the poor people along with pattas.

R.L. Francis supports Ekta Parishad for its movement for the land reforms. He also asked Indian media to cover Ekta Parishad’s pro-people movement properly for the land reforms.

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