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Condemn this Ram’s Rajya: Dalit-Bahujan Scholars, University of Hyderabad

Condemn this Ram’s Rajya: Dalit-Bahujan Scholars, University of Hyderabad

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Dalit-Bahujan Scholars

The Vice Chancellor, University of Hyderabad, Prof. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy has signed and forwarded the “expert” recommendations – that tacitly fiddles with the existing norms governing the recruitment and promotion policies of faculty in the Department of Communication, S.N. School – to the UGC. These suggestions, when passed by the UGC and if implemented, would allow any person – with the “right” links and in “good” terms with the powers that be – enable entry into the academia even without a post-graduate degree. This violates the fundamental agenda of higher education itself! Why MA, MPhil and PhD, then?

This dubious act illicitly flouts UGC norms and regulations; but apparently legitimates an unequivocal promotion of casteist nepotism. It criminally inflicts a Brahminical scourge against social justice with regard to affirmative policy and law of the land. This, we believe, is a conspiracy by an “upper” caste lobby that refutes autonomous entry and progress of the subordinated communities (SC/ST/OBC/Minority groups) in the publicly-funded institutional spaces.

The VC’s institutional blows should be read in a context. He stripped off the BBL fellowships, for the Integrated and Post Graduate programmes, that invariably affect the students coming from subordinated and unprivileged sections. The introduction and implementation of “Cut-Off marks” for the reserved seats (MPhil/PhD admissions) signified a calculated assault on the reservation policy. There was a drastic drop in reservation candidates and their vacant seats went unfilled across the disciplines and courses. And now, the recruitment gateway! These copious acts engineer a structural persistence and reproduction of symbolic violence, institutionally endorsed and guaranteed.

Enough! Stop this RAM-RAJYA that sanctions nefarious crusades against our Future!

Please sign the online petition to the Chairman, UGC for the protection of UGC norms and reservation policy in faculty recruitment.


Please read the earlier article on this issue (the petition) here.


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