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Condemn Illegal Rustication of Students in EFLU by Casteist Administration

Condemn Illegal Rustication of Students in EFLU by Casteist Administration

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Bahujan Students’ Front – University of Hyderabad

EFLU- Hyd administration once again proved itself to be casteist by taking the frustrated, prejudiced and casteist decision of rusticating two bright Bahujan students. Mohan Dharavath (DABMSA) and Satish Nainala (TSA) are students who strenuously participate in the cause of de-brahminization of Indian society.

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Both students hail from Telangana and belong to the Tribal and OBC community respectively. They are very bright students who actively took part in the journey towards the demolition of savarna intellectual hegemony in the mainstream academia.

The students of EFL University had gone on a protest demanding the re-opening of the reading room in March 2014, which angered the administration so much that they rusticated the students.

A series of institutional murders mis-labeled as ‘suicides’, a ban on protests, ban on serving beef, ban of questioning the administration, throwing out of meritorious students from various departments has made EFLU a unique example of the working of casteist educational institutions in India. EFLU administration explicitly ostracizes students from marginalized communities as it believes higher education of Bahujan Samaj gives them the power to gain political power, following Dr Ambedkar’s advice: Educate, Agitate, Organize

Now is the right time for all of us to struggle against the brahminical administration of EFLU. Bahujan Students’ Front (UoH) demands:

* EFLU administration to suspend the Vice Chancellor and Proctor for taking such casteist decisions

* To withdraw the decision of illegal rustication.

BSF–UoH extends our strong solidarity to the EFLU students who are striving a lot to save India’s democracy by spreading Dr. Ambedkar’s vision. We also request all likeminded students to join us in this movement against the brahminical administration. Jai Bheem!!