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Chalo Delhi: Dalit-Adivasi Sammelan
end atrocities


Chalo Delhi: Dalit-Adivasi Sammelan

[Via Asha Kowtal & Abhay Xaxa]

On 23rd November, 2012,

From 9 a.m., till 3 p.m. 

Nation-wide campaign to give a call to end Untouchability and Atrocities by enforcement and amendments to SC/ST PoA Act. 

Ramleela Maidan
New Delhi, India 110006

end atrocities

We warmly invite interested individuals to step forward to contribute to this historic event that will bring 63000 people from all over India to give a call to Nation to END UNTOUCHABILITY! NO MORE ATROCITIES!! ANNIHILATE CASTE!!!.


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