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Brahminism is harmful for Brahmins too

Brahminism is harmful for Brahmins too

Manoj Abhigyan-1


Manoj Abhigyan

Manoj Abhigyan-1The Dalit community is struggling and belligerent. Dalits can do anything on their hard work. Despite facing obstacles and being deprived of facilities, the people of the Dalit community are moving forward on their talent in every field.

The question is: Why couldn’t the Brahman find any invention or discovery till today while consuming all the facilities? Why have the Brahmins not produced a Voltaire? What is the inferiority complex inside the Brahmin that forces the Brahmin to consider himself superior? All these questions deserve serious contemplation.

A few years ago, the election of Allahabad High Court Bar Association was going on. A Brahmin candidate for the post of President, who had also been the President earlier, was addressing the advocates in the Chamber. Brahmins were contesting elections from his panel, often in all the positions. A Thakur lawyer advocated that there should not be Brahmin candidates for every post in his panel.

His reply was, “Brahmin is a necessary evil, you criticize him but you always need a brahmin from birth to naming, marriage and death sacrament. There can be lakhs of evils in the Brahmin but no any sacrament can be done without Brahmin.”

I thought that Panditji was right to some extent. Unless you begin to perform any of your social-cultural sacraments without the Brahmin, you do not have any moral right to criticize Brahmanism. So learn how to do all the sacraments–from birth to naming, marriage and death. As long as the Brahmin is necessary for any of your sacraments, Brahminism cannot be over. That is why some organisations like Arjak Sangh have established an alternative cultural system for the people in the country, so that you do not have the compulsion to call a Brahmin in any of your sacraments or other social-cultural activities.

You may be surprised to know that in the way that there are many castes among Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras, there are many castes among Brahmins as well. But the question arises, why does a Brahmin look like a single entity ? Have you ever thought that all the castes like Ahir, Gaderiya, Kurmi, Koiri, Jat, Gujar, Lodh, Chamar, Pasi, Dhobi, Lohar, Kumhar, Teli, Kalwar and Rajput do not represent their own identities? In the same way, why don’t all the brahmins of different brahmin castes represent their own caste identities? Why do different castes of Brahmins not recognize different caste identities?

This is because Brahmins have their own different religion. When his caste is asked of a Brahmin, he tells his religion, Brahmin religion. He never tells his caste. In the same way among all the Brahmins, there is untouchability and discrimination in the same way as among other castes. Sometimes this discrimination is more than among non-Brahmin castes.

For the example of untouchables in Brahmins, look at the ‘Panktidushan Brahmins’. Panktidushan Brahmins whose presence is considered contaminating in the line of a Brahma Bhoj, or feast. There is a long list of such people. On the contrary, ‘Panktipawan Brahmins’ are those Brahmins whose presence is considered sacred if they sit in a Bhojpankti. Among these Brahmins, there are Shrotriya Brahmins who are self-respecting and protect the Vedas. Looking at the long list of cross-sectional Brahmins, it can be understood that the number of Panktipawan Brahmins cannot be very large and most Brahmins are untouchable among Brahmins. In this way too, there is much discrimination and untouchability among Brahmins also. Thus it turns out that Brahminism is harmful to the Brahmin himself.

A few days ago, Asumal Sirumalani Harpalani, also known as Asaram Bapu, was punished for raping a girl. A plea in Asaram’s arguments in defense in the court is very interesting and noticeable. The rapist, Asaram, argued that a ‘Brahmagyani’ can have sexual intercourse with anyone, it is a divine act. When God desires to have sexual intercourse with someone, then he enters the body of the ‘Brahmagyani’. In this way, Asaram held the belief that the sexual exploitation of a girl by the ‘Brahmagyani’ person is not a criminal act. In this way, we see that ‘Brahmagyan’ liberates man from guilt towards non-human values ​​and criminal acts, which leads to spread of lawlessness in society. Therefore, ‘Brahmagyan’ makes a person guilty in the eyes of the law as well as soceity. Therefore, Brahminical ideology proves to be dangerous for the Brahmins, along with other humans. It should be eliminated as soon as possible.

There is another important task which is very important for the Dalit community and it should be done immediately and that is the boycott of Brahminical media. Do you know that all the castes and sub-castes of Brahmins take advantage of reservation in different states of the country? All the castes like Joshi Brahmin, Mahabrahman, Gosain, Marathi Brahmin, Bairagi Brahmins, Manipuri Brahmins get the benefit of reservation under OBC quota in different states. Apart from this, Kayasthas in Gujarat and Rajputs in Karnataka and Gujarat are also included in the OBC list and get the benefits of reservation.

But the Brahminical media opposing reservation, the initiatives of nation building to ensure the representation of every community, becomes successful in maintaining the illusion that the Dvija castes do not get the benefit of reservation. It is very important to break this illusion. Dalits should excommunicate the obscene Brahminical media and stop spreading obscene material served by Brahminical media in their homes. They should keep their future generations away from the Brahminical media.



Manoj Abhigyan is an Advocate and Human Rights Activist. articles and fictions have been published in various newspapers and magazines including Science Reporter, Hindustan Times and Vigyan Pragati.