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Atrocities & other offences committed by Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy of A.P. High Court against a Dalit Judicial Magistrate

Atrocities & other offences committed by Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy of A.P. High Court against a Dalit Judicial Magistrate

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Kula Nirmulana Porata Samiti (KNPS)

I) a) Mr. S. Ramakrishna was born in a poor Dalit family in a remote village of Chittoor District, A.P. and with his hard work he could get his Law degree and was selected as a Junior Civil Judge in A.P. State Judicial Service in 2003. He consciously discharged judicial and administrative functions without any blemish at Gadwal, Nandyal, Dharmavaram and Ponnur until 2012 when he was transferred to Rayachoti of Kadapa District, the native area of Mr. Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy. It is at Rayachoti he has to taste all sorts of atrocities which a common Dalit is facing in this area dominated by upper caste Reddy’s.

b) Mr. C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy belongs to Rayachoti of Kadapa District where he had lot of relatives and friends in Public Life and legal profession. At the cost of deserving persons he had inducted his relatives and henchmen in the Judiciary of Kadapa District, particularly at Rayachoti. His brother by name Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy is Additional Public Prosecutor & Govt. Pleader for over a decade and no other competent person could venture to replace him from these posts, due to muscle and financial power of these brothers. Pavan Kumar Reddy, who had lot of followers in forest & police departments, is a successful Red-Sanders Smuggler and does not hesitate to go to any extent to commit offences for his selfish-ends. (See dying declaration of his servant quoted hereunder)

c) After C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy became Judge of High Court, virtually these brothers became the de facto rulers of Kadapa Judiciary, particularly the Courts at Rayachoti

& Lakkireddypalli. In order to get their writ prevailed, these brothers commit all sorts of illegalities either by murders or threats or by tampering, or causing disappearance, of court records/documents etc. Justice c.v. Nagarjuna reddy frequently visits Rayachoti at the cost of the Sate and make Police, Revenue and judicial officers go round him hinting threats to those who do not dance to his and his brother’s tunes.


a) For the purpose of smuggling of red-sanders, Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy bribes forest and police officials and they are hand in glove with him. When misuse of a vehicle involved in a crime by a Forest Officer was brought to the notice of the Dalit Magistrate (Mr. Rama Krishna) in open court by an accused, Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy hatched a plan to save the forest officer (who is helping him in red sanders smuggling) as though the vehicle was stolen from forest office and the thief left the vehicle in the court premises. In pursuance of such a plan, Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy wanted his servant (by name Mr. Ramanujulu) himself to play the role of the thief but Ramanujulu refused to play such a role. Then Pavan Kumar Reddy who was in a drunken condition could not tolerate such a reply from his servant and poured kerosene over Ramanujulu and set fire to him.

b) In pursuance of the Duty Medical Officer’s requisition to the Magistrate (Mr. Rama Krishna) to record the dying declaration of the victim (servant of Pavan Kumar Reddy), the Magistrate recorded the dying declaration from the victim, who later succumbed to the severe burns. In his dying declaration he disclosed the entire story incriminating his master, Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy. He stated, inter alia, in his dying declaration:

“Since last two years as directed by Lawyer Pavan Kumar Reddy, I used to cut and smuggle Red sanders to Madras. Since two days Lawyer Pavan Kumar Reddy, Inspector of Police Sriramulu and Forest Officer Rama Krishna are forcing me to sign on white papers. I enquired them as to why should I sign, for which Pavan Kumar Reddy became furious, abused me and promised that he himself would look after, when I replied that I will consult my wife and then sign. Then C.I. told that I should admit that I have committed theft of Tavera vehicle, for which I refused. Then Lawyer Pavan Kumar Reddy who was in inebriated condition poured kerosene on me and set me afire……….”

c) On coming to know that in his dying declaration the deceased incriminated the name of his brother, on the night 30.11.2012 Mr.justice Nagarjuna Reddy rang up the Magistrate to his residential land line (can be verified from BSNL records) and directed to remove the name of his brother from the dying declaration. But Mr. Rama Krishna politely declined to accede to the request of Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy. Then Nagarjuna Reddy got furious and threatened that if he [Magistrate] does not heed to his directions, he would see that he (Magistrate) is removed from service.


a) Having not been able to bear refusal of his request by the Magistrate through telephone, Mr.Nagarjuna Reddy physically landed at Rayachoti on 13-2-2013, summoned the Dalit Magistrate to the residence of Pavan Kumar Reddy where the local Additional District Judge, Additional Junior Civil Judge, Pavan Kumar Reddy, Mr. Nagireddy [husband of court employee Mrs. Lakshmidevi who is niece of Nagarjuna Reddy] and Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy himself were present.

b) Soon after arrival of Mr. Rama Krishna,, Pavan Kumar Reddy in a loud voice commanded Mr. Rama Krishna [Magistrate] to remove his name from the dying declaration and to withdraw the complaint [Cr.No.57/2013 of Rayachoti [U] P.S.] given by the Magistrate Ramakrishna. As the Dalit Magistrate refused to accede to his request, he got furious, caught hold of the collar of the shirt of the Magistrate, abused him as “Mala Lanjakodaka” [son of Dalit whore] and started physically hitting him. Nagireddy joined Pavan Kumar Reddy in hitting the Magistrate.

c) As the Magistrate is resisting both of them, NAGARJUNA REDDY, who is wearing shoes, joined his brother and Nagireddy and started kicking the Magistrate. The other judicial officers remained silent due to personal attack by Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy himself. Then the Dalit Magistrate could however escape from their clutches and reported in writing, about the attack against him at Rayachoti P.S. and obtained acknowledgment of the C.I. Next day the Magistrate personally went to the High Court Vigilance Registrar and gave written complaint to him about the whole incident. Though the Dalit Magistrate suffered such a humility and anguish, the guardian [High Court] of the State Judiciary itself did not act upon it.


a) Surprisingly, both the duty doctor in whose presence the dying declaration was recorded and the sub inspector of police who also recorded the dying declaration of the deceased Ramanujulu are projected to have committed suicide. Mysteriously, the driver of the ambulance [108] who carried the victim to the hospital disappeared and the wife of the deceased could not be seen. The rumor is that Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy and his brother are behind these deaths/disappearance, which can only be investigated by C.B.I.

b) As the Magistrate did not oblige Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy, by using his official and financial power, MR. Nagarjuna Reddy got side-tracked the dying declaration, got the FIR registered as suspicious death and got closed the crime through the Inspector Mr. Sriramulu.


a) A clerk of Karnataka High Court was murdered in October 2008 within the jurisdiction of the Court of Rayachoti Magistrate and the same was registered as Crime No. 94 of 2008 of T. Sundupalli P.S. While Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy is Public Prosecutor for the prosecution, his juniors are advocates for the Accused.

b) Charge Sheet was filed on 10-06-2009 eight months after the offence. The entire record including the material documents (Voluminous Register of Forest check post showing passing of the crime vehicle in the forest etc.) was removed from court record by 2011 itself when the wife of the deceased belonging to Karnataka gave complaint to K.R. Puram Police, Bangalore about the threats of the accused who are in possession of, and had shown her, the court record/documents to her at Bangalore and threatened her to be silent and not to pursue the murder case and that nothing would happen to them as they are in possession of all the records

c) After the Magistrate became amenable (Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy is Chairman of committee for transfers of judicial officers), for statistical purposes and without the record, the charge sheet was shown to have been taken (Cognizance) on file (2 1/2 years after filing of charge sheet) on 24.2.2012 (consequent upon pressure in police crime meetings) and a P.R.C. number was assigned (without the relevant record) to satisfy the Police bosses. A witness may lie but not the circumstances. A committal order was created with ante-date (21.3.2012) but without the presence of Accused and without ordering their custody or surety bonds etc. As the hard disk of the Computer would unfold the truth about the date of creation of the committal order, the court computer itself was burnt. Thus, without the record, for statistical purpose, the P.R.C. was shown to have been committed on 21-03-2012. But a contradictory statement surfaced to the effect that the date of committal was 25.4.2012 but not 21.3,2012, which circumstance further expose the mischief.

d) According to the wife of the deceased, by 2011 itself the court records surfaced at Bangalore in the possession of the Accused and therefore she reported the matter to Bangalore police in 2011 itself. The miscreants having thus successfully did the mischief by 2011 itself, made an innocent residential attender the scapegoat by alleging, without any basis, that he had stolen the record in 2012. When the alleged theft was committed? Was it during or prior to 2011 or subsequent to alleged committal in 2012?

e) It is said that the records including the material document (voluminous forest register) were made to disappear soon after charge sheet was filed. The henchmen of Mr. Nagarjuna Reedy and of his brother Pavan Kumar Reddy in the judiciary caused disappearance of this record soon after it was filed into court and that was the reason why cognizance of the offence was not taken for over

2 1/2 years, until an amenable Magistrate obliged them to create a make believe story for burial of the case.

f) When Mr. Rama Krishna was asked by District Judge to submit a Report in this regard, Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy and the then Additional District Judge (Mr. Gunnayya, who is sailing with these brothers) prepared a false report and sent the same to Mr. Rama Krishna for his signature thereon and to submit the same to the District Judge. Ramakrishna refused to sign and submit the same to High Court. He prepared his own detailed Report on 27.12.2012 and submitted the same to the High Court and District Judge narrating as to how the mischief took place and as to how an innocent attender was made the scapegoat to save the skin of the henchmen of these two brothers and the necessity to have impartial investigation by agency like C.B.I.


Prior to assumption of office at Rayachoti by the Dalit Magistrate, records/documents in which Pavan Kumar Reddy had interest were missing and reports are awaiting from the Magistrate to the District Judge in this regard. In pursuance of the direction dt.25.05.2012 of the District Judge, the Dalit Magistrate submitted a detailed report narrating about the sorry state of affairs prevailing in the court and the several suspicious circumstances of the alleged missing of the records, for which he was threatened by the District Judge on 31-05-2012 in a function on the eve of retirement of District Judge. The District Judge pressurized Mr. Rama Krishna to change the above said report as Mr. Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy is interested in this matter and threatened the Magistrate not to purchase problems by going against the interest Mr. Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy. When Mr. Rama Krishna not heeding to their words they created a bogus report with the signatures of unconcern person (Sri Baba Fakruddin) and screened the report submitted by Mr. Rama Krishna.


On 28-12-2012 when the magistrate was discharging his judicial functions in the court hall he noticed improper behavior of a forest officer (Rama Krishna) a friend of Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy though the magistrate asked through his clerk to behave properly. But he did not change his attitude. The magistrate was informed by his clerk that the forest officers is an accused in Crime No. 432 of 2012 in which he admittedly did not obtain bail and therefore the magistrate took him into judicial custody. Due to such sudden turn of events, immediately thereafter Pavan Kumar Reddy furiously entered into the chambers of the magistrate and abused him by his caste stating that “Kooli Naa Kodukulu, Mala Na Kodukulu antha officerlu iyenarani maa matalu

lekka cheyaru.” Abusing so, Pavan Kumar Reddy illegally took away the forest officer from court custody which he admitted through a memo filed before the court.


a) The Masalchi (daily wage earner) of the court stated that she is personal servant of Rama Krishna’s predecessor by name Mr. Baba Fakruddin and that she would not serve or touch articles of Harijans and declined to get drinking water for the use of the Dalith Magistrate. As she claimed to have nothing to do with the wages from the court and personal servant of Mr. Baba Fakruddin, Dalit Magistrate (S. Rama Krishna) directed the accountant Mrs. Laxmi devi not to draw and pay the wages to her.

b) But Mrs. Laxmi Devi disobeying his order surreptitiously drew wages in the name of a person who had nothing to do with the court work and try to misappropriated court money by cheating the Dalit Magistrate. When the Dalit Magistrate questioned about her mischief and misappropriation of court money, she abused him by naming his caste in vulgar language and that as she is niece of Nagarjuna Reddy, none could have the audacity to question her. The helpless Magistrate informed the District Judge but as there was no response from the D.J. for over 6 months, the Magistrate in obedience to Section 39 (1)(viii) Cr. P.C. gave written complaint to police through registered post about misappropriation of court money and the offence of atrocity committed by the niece of C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy. But the Police instead of registering the crime reportedly handed over Mr. S. Rama Krishna report to Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy. If this is the fate to a report of a Magistrate, what about the fate of complaints of a common man?

c) As the magistrate Mr. S. Rama Krishna is not dancing to the tunes of Mr. C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy or his brother or even the District Judge, accountant Laxmi Devi and Junior Assistant Ramanaiah used to forge/tamper court records to suit the interests of Nagarjuna Reddy and his brother. Whenever the magistrate was holding camp court every week at Lakkireddypalli, they used to tamper/forge the judicial records by forging his signatures. In fact Mr. K.V. Ramanaiah (henchmen of Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy) openly challenged the Dalit Magistrate to do whatever he likes in the 60 cases in which he forged/tampered records. After perusal of records and due enquiry, about the forgery of the court records the magistrate sought for permission of the district judge through his letter dated 27-12-2012 to prosecute them but as there was no response from the District Judge for considerable period, the magistrate personally approached the District Judge on 6-02-2013 and solicited instruction as to what to do in the matter. The district judge

orally instructed the magistrate to give complaint to the police. Accordingly the magistrate gave written compliant to police on 07-02-2013 which was registered as crime No. 57/2013 for the offences of cheating, forgery etc. But so far there is no progress in the crime at the behest of C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy and his brother.


Though all the atrocities of MR.NAGARJUNA REDDY and his henchmen were brought to the notice of High Court both on administrative and judicial side (through W.P. No. 33041 of 2014), Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy could successfully not only gag the mouth of High Court but started further harassing him through High Court itself by getting him transferred to far off Agency area on 21.2.2013 and slapping a number of departmental enquiries by mischievous methods with all false allegations.

Example: The Magistrate (Ramakrishna) was suspended from service on 16.3.2013 in pursuance of an anonymous petition (created at the behest of Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy) on the ground that he granted bail to an accused by taking bribe of fifteen lakhs of rupees. But 8 months thereafter on 27.11.2013 the same High Court had to revoke his suspension realizing that the bail was granted not by the suspended Dalit Magistrate (Mr. Ramakrishna).

Now again for the second time the poor Magistrate was kept under suspension on 21-12-2013 for reporting to the High Court against Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy, without verifying the truth or otherwise of the several allegations made by the Magistrate and by keeping pending the Writ Petition filed by the Dalit Magistrate. Since then he continued to be under suspension illegally.

X) In view of the attitude of the High Court, the matter was brought to Honorable Chief Justice of Supreme Court by Mr. Rama Krishna through his representation dt.16.9.2013, which was returned to him on 03.10.2013 to approach the High Court itself. Accordingly Mr. Rama Krishna once again approached the High Court as per instructions of Supreme Court but six months thereafter the High Court on 9.6.2014 endorsed to him that no action need be taken on his representation against Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy. In order enable Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy and henchmen to create documents for their safe guard time is being gained without enquiring into the complaints of Mr. Rama Krishna and his Writ Petition No. 33041 of 2014.

XI) What is the sin committed by a Dalit Magistrate? Is his birth as Dalit a sin committed by him or his refusal to surrender to illegalities of upper-caste Reddy domination? It is now time for Dalit brothers and upright and honest citizens of our great Nation to awaken to put an end to such atrocities of Upper caste Judges by impeaching them in Parliament.


The General people will get justice in the courts and foreseeing with belief and respect. If justice is not done in the lower court, at least there is a chance to get justice in the Higher Courts. It is a fact that higher caste people are getting justice only. The victims are depressed, the accused comes from higher cases, it can be known that justice can not be done to the depressed class people. In Karamchedu, Tsundru accused were related to Higher Castes and we can not forget that they are coming out as guiltless., If taken all the accounts that SC, ST, BC, Minority people are in the jails and for higher caste people higher courts and jails has become equal their in-laws house. If the guilty done by the Depressed caste, Justice will scale correctly. If the same mistake done by the Higher Caste persons the justice will become un-justice., Justice will become un-justice. Justice is the relative to the higher casted, higher caste people are getting justice and the history is saying as witness to the higher caste people. The courts are binding with the ruling of the higher castes. They protect the public justice. We are appealing to all the depressed, suppressed people, public representatives, students, intellectuals, advocates, judges, public societies will be come make share of this movement and give support for eradication of caste system.


a) FIR should registered against Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy, his brother and his henchmen for several offences including the one under S.C. & S.T. (Atrocities) Act and they should arrested forthwith by entrusting the investigation to CBI.

b) Nagarjuna Reddy should impeached in parliament and removed from his Judgeship after due enquiry in accordance with Judges (Inquiry) Act;

c) Illegal Suspension imposed against Dalit Magistrate should be lifted forthwith and he should be compensated for the harassment and humiliation face by him.


Published by Bandari Laxmaiah, KNPS State President 02.07.2016


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