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After students, EFLU targets senior officials to cover up corruption

After students, EFLU targets senior officials to cover up corruption

Seize 1


[Via Mohan Dharavath]

We, the representatives of students’ organizations, have been raising our voice against irregularities and rampant corruption at EFL University time and again. In response, the EFL authorities have been issuing show cause notices to students from SC/ST/OBC and minority students to silence us by punitive actions. It is now the turn of the senior officials.

The Deputy Registrar (Finance) who had been attending the CAG audit work was intimidated on 2/1/14 around 5.30 pm and his office room was illegally confiscated. On 21/1/14, the Deputy Registrar (Finance) was suspended from service without following correct protocol. We strongly feel that this is in continuation of the process of targeting and punishing students and staff from marginalized communities since the Deputy Registrar (Finance) was a member of a minority community. Not only that but whoever questions the irregularities of the Vice-Chancellor Prof Sunaina Singh, P Madavan, in-charge Registrar, and the then Registrar (Prof. Syed Saeed) has been targeted to continue absolute anarchy and dictatorship.

Seize 1

Deputy Registrar (Finance) Rasool Saheb’s office which was illegally taken over and sealed by the EFLU administration

We are aware that the CAG audit is in progress in the university and the Deputy Registrar (Finance) had been attending to the CAG audit work as per the administration’s instructions. On the evening of 2/1/2014 at around 5: 30 p.m, the in-charge Registrar Prof. Madhavan called T. Rasool Saheb, Deputy Registrar (Finance) to the Finance Officer’s room and served him a office order dated 02 January 2014.

The order said that the Deputy Registrar (Finance) should hand over his office with all the files immediately and use another room which will be given to him for official use till further orders. He was not given any reasons for handing over the room except that it is the vice-chancellor’s order and there is no scope for giving him any further time or any explanation. The Deputy Finance Officer was hence forced to leave his office without prior information or following any procedure even without any complaint or any official directions for the action.

DFO Confiscation Office Order

The office order asking Deputy Registrar (Finance) Rassol Saheb to hand over his office and files, before any inquiry

Following this incident Mr. Rasool has filled a case in the Osmania University police station and was forced to knock the doors of AP State Minorities Commission who registered a case against the in-charge Registrar P.Madhavan on 4.1.2014 vide petition/ref no. 557 of 2013. When the registrar did not appear before the Minority Commission on the scheduled date (18.1.2014), he was issued a Summons, as per the news item that appeared on TOI on 20.1.2014.

Meanwhile, the administration set up a post-facto inquiry committee on 15.1.2014, weeks after the actual seizing of the room on 2.1.2014, which allegedly found Mr. Rasool guilty of “breach of trust” on the basis of which he was suspended on 21.1.2014. What is the point of setting up an enquiry committee days after the actual seizing and searching of the room? How can the room be seized in the first place without an enquiry and any prior notice?

DFO Suspension Order

Order suspending Deputy Registrar (Finance) T. Rasool Saheb

We genuinely fear that the EFL University authorities have resorted to this extreme illegal step in order to manipulate and destroy the records in the office room of the Deputy Registrar (Finance) and to take revenge against Mr. Rasool for accommodating with the CAG Audit which has found several financial irregularities in the university. We have also heard from reliable sources that the CAG auditors have even sent show-cause notices to the vice-chancellor (for drawing illegal HRA) and Prof Syed Sayeed, the then-registrar (for illegal hike in pay scale). Added to this, when the present Registrar in-charge, P. Madhavan got the summons from the minorities Commission and the news about the same appeared in the media, the EFLU administration took its revenge on Mr. Rasool, a senior responsible and honest officer by suspending him.

It has also come to our notice that the EFL authorities have been constantly changing officers who are liaisoning with the CAG team. After intimidating the Deputy Registrar (Finance), we are afraid that the illegally appointed Finance officer (recently on contract) Mr. G. Satyananda Rao may be asked to liaison with the CAG team to hide the financial irregularities. The whole issue zeroes in on the autocratic and anarchic functioning of the university administration under the leadership of Prof. Sunaina Singh and Prof P. Madavan curtailing all the constitutionally guaranteed democratic rights either to students or the staff.

DFO PS Complaint 1

Part of police complaint lodged by Deputy Registrar (Finance) for illegal confiscation of his room and files by the administration

As concerned students of this university, we have the following demands:

1. We demand an immediate revoking of the suspension order of Mr. Rasool.

2. We also demand that a CBI inquiry be set up to look into such blatant manipulative practices of the corrupt administration which is attacking everyone in the know to cover-up their financial irregularities. We also demand that the corrupt administrative officials be suspended immediately before CBI takes up the case to ensure fair investigation.

3. We also demand that the ministry of HRD should intervene immediately and constitute a judicial inquiry into the continuous harassment of students, teachers and staff from SC/ST/OBC and minority background.

Jointly issued by:

Mohan Dharavath, Dalit Adivasi Bahujan Minority Students’ Association (DABMSA)

Satish. N. Telangana Students’ Association (TSA)

Sadique, P.K. Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO)

Upender, Progressive Democratic Students’ Union (PDSU)

Safvan, Muslim Students’ Front (MSF), EFL University, Hyderabad.