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Adi Dharam World Mission Objects to Amrit Bani
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Adi Dharam World Mission, a Dalit body today extended support to radical Sikh organisation, Damdami Taksal Bhindrawale, and declared that newly-floated Ravidasia dharm was a conspiracy to drive a wedge between Adidharm samaj and the Sikh community.Kishan Pal Sood, President Adi Dharam World Mission, today told newsmen here that Amrit Bani, new granth of Ravidasia dharma, was not a complete granth but an extract of Guru Ravidas hymns from the holy Guru Granth Sahib.

“Amrit Bani did not include hymns of Bhagat Kabirji, Sant Namdev and other holymen while Guru Granth Sahib was a cosmic scripture containing hymns of all, including Guru Ravi Das,” Sood said.

Claiming there was centuries old brotherhood between Sikh community and Adidharmi samaj, Sood flayed assault on vehicle of Damdami Taksal and its occupants here on August 7 during a traffic blockade by a group of Dalits. He tendered apology to Taksal for it on behalf of Dalits.

Radical organisations Sant Samaj and Damdami Taksal Bhindrawale had blocked traffic on NH 1 here on August 12 in protest against August 7 attack on a Taksal vehicle and its three occupants by a group of Dalits.



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