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ODRF 1ST Anniversary and Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji International Award Ceremony was organized on 25th October, 2008 at Chateau Granieri, 2522 West main street, Jefferson Ville PA 19401. Dr. Sakya Mohan and Ms. Savitha Duraisamy compeering the event, the program began with the lighting of the lamp and paying tribute to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other revolutionist by Ms. Shushma Thevar, the president, Temp Solutions Inc., USA, and Rep.

Thaddeus Kirkland, state representative,159th district in Pennsylvania. Read More After the lighting of the lamp Ms. the ODRF cultural team Prafulla Kamble, Josephine, Dhammamitra Vikas, Pratibha Kamble and Pramanand Rangari chanted Buddha Vandana. Dr. Sakya Mohan welcomed the dignitaries and the participant and greeted the Dignitaries with a bunch of flowers. The programme was lit up with the presence of personalities like Mr. Joe Hoeffel, commissioner, Montgomery County, Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, State representative, 159th district in Pennsylvania, Mr. Ron starr, Ms. Surabhi Garg, United States Indian political Action committee and representatives from various Indian and US Organizations and individuals.



Mr.Ashok, Ms. Neeta Bhole, Ms. Pratibha Kamble, Ms. Chitra, Mr. Praveen Lawande, Ms. Pallavi shinde, Mr. Pramanand Rangari and Master Akshay Thevar sang an awareness song on blind faith on different gods and goddesses and urged to believe in science and rational thinking. After which Mr. Praveen Lawande, Treasurer of ODRF presented the vision, mission and background history of ODRF. ODRF aims at paving the way for sustainable development by ensuring universal education, access to basic health care services, creating equal opportunities and advocating human rights issues of the most exploited communities. Keeping all these principles as the centre, seven committed youth who in carrying the legacy of Dr. Ambedkar, Phule, Shahuji Maharaj and Kanshiramji, joined hands to pay back to the society by starting ODRF in the year 2007 under the dynamic leadership of Mrs Sushama and Mr Michael Thevar.

It was time to turn our attention to the activities of ODRF from 2007. Ms. Nicola D’ Souza did a power point presentation on the ODRF activities. In India ODRF concentrated on the following programmes:

· Sponsorships of the higher education of deserving students.

· Emergency Relief fund for an injured volunteer

· Support of various human rights activities of individuals & other

· Non-profits

Cleanliness drive in the USA

• Distribution of school supplies and distribution of Toys

• Coordination with international agencies to sensitize, promote  and implement  the affirmative action policies

• Sensitizing the international community against caste discrimination in India and educating the state representatives, congressmen and senators in USA to fight against caste discrimination in India through international community pressure.

• Social awakening through the celebration of the birth and death anniversaries of Buddha, Dr Ambedkar, Periyar and other great revolutionaries when Mr. Joe Hoeffel, Commissioner, Montgomery county addressed the gathering he said “I am impressed with the activities of ODRF and Mr. Mike for the commitment and goodwill for the   social cause. ODRF is fighting against caste system in India and working for the cause of the oppressed” he concluded his speech by saying “we want to make a change so fight for what we believe”.

Master Akshay Thevar received a standing ovation for his speech on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and America. In his speech, he stated that there is a strong link between Dr. Babashaheb Ambedkar and USA. He studied in Columbia University from 1913 to 1916 this was the time when he came in contact with the world most famous personalities like Prof. John Deway, James Shotwell, Edwin Seligman and James Harvey Robinson. These people created a great impact on Dr. Ambedkar in many ways like teaching him democracy, Anthropology,economics, civil rights and pragmatism. Mr. Pramanand Rangari, one of the board members of ODRF shared his experience. He said that Temp Solutions Inc. is committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility and good corporate citizenship. He added that he is grateful to Temp Solutions for giving him an opportunity to Work in US\A and gain international expertise in the field of mental health, to develop professionally and ensure that we should pay back to society with the available resources.

Mr. Dinesh Dalvi the treasurer of ODRF started his sharing with the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, “KEEP HOPE ALIVE”. ODRF lives by these words, be it the school bag distribution or toys distribution… or fighting for social justice undertaken by ODRF, it has always succeeded in installing hope for better future based on liberty, equality and fraternity. Actions speak louder than words. ODRF activities speak thousand words.

Pratibha Kamble, a perfect example of how temp Solutions Inc. is committed to its cause. A dalit girl from India shared her experience of coming to USA. “I had never dreamed that I will be going to USA and work in a very reputed Health Care Organization. This was simply because of one reason that I completed my entire education in my mother tongue that due to lack of exposure to speak and write in English.  Mr. Michael sir has been in constant contact with me and my family and became the source of motivation to improve my communication skills and it is only because front of you. This is a big change in my life that I came to USA and away from my parents. After my arrived in Pennsylvania Mr. Michael sir and family as treated me like their own sister and never let me feel that I was alone”.

A man who could never be forgotten and who is the source of example for many youngsters and the man with the mission of paying back to the society shared his views on ODRF and other activities. He started his speech by paying tribute to the great personalities like Gautama Buddha, Saint Ravidass, Saint Ghasidass, Mahatma Jyothiba Phule, Shahuji Maharaj, EVR Periyar Ramaswamy Naikar, Narayana Guru, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Manyawar Kanshiramji and from the USA Martin Luther King Jr, JF Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and all other warriors who have dedicated their lives to bring equality, justice, liberty and fraternity. Dalits are the most oppressed communities of Indian society along with Tribal communities. 250 Million Dalits in India and more than 300 Million in south Asia are victims of 3000 year old Hindu caste system. The fundamentalist caste forces in India and world over who are against giving equal rights to Dalits are great threat to global Human Rights concerns. Martin Luther King Jr, rightly said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. The globalization and liberalization also opened up societies for human rights scrutinizes. Then he drew the attention of the members to the future plans of ODRF

He concluded his speech by saying “we will be made to believe that change need to happen, we want to live as human beings and will also need to recognize others as human beings. And incorporating the proactive policies to regain the economic rights to Dalits would be a small but significant step towards larger goal.”

ODRF initiated the awards in the name of Manyawar Kanshiramji and Bhante Sangharakshita who played a major role after Dr Ambedkar to carry forward his mission. The awards will be given to the activists engaged in sociopolitical and Dhamma movement.

Manyawar   Kanshiramji was born on March 15th 1934 in a Ramdasiya Sikh Community in Khavaspur Village of Ropad District in Punjab, INDIA. During 1960’s while working as a scientist in Pune, he was exposed to the bad breath of Hindu Social order i.e. atrocious caste system. This was the turning point of his life and he travelled all over the country to awaken the educated employees who got benefitted due to the affirmative action policy but failed to serve the community. He decided that he will never get married, never acquire any property, and never attend any ceremonial function, marriage function or a party. He also decided that he will devote and dedicate the rest of his life to achieve the goals of Shahu – Phule – Ambedkarite movement.

During his life journey of 72 years, he founded many organizations to achieve the unfulfilled dreams of Dr Ambedkar like BAMCEF, DS4, Buddhist Research Centre, and Bahujan Samaj Party. It was the vision and sacrifice of Manyawar Kanshi Ram Sahib that Bahujan Samaj Party could capture the power in Uttar Pradesh 4 times. It was his commitment, dedication and vision that today a woman from oppressed community ‘Bahan Mayawati’ is the Chief Minister of India’s Largest State, Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Ambedkar told his people that “politics is the master key by which you can open any locks”. Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji brought the Socio-Political revolution in India and united People from SC, ST, OBC & Converted minorities which constitutes 85% of India’s population to become the rulers in India. He could not see his dream fulfilled as he died on 9th Oct 2006 due to long illness. But, his million of followers are working day & night to fulfill his dream of capturing India’s Parliament in 2009 general elections.

Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji’s prevented millions of people turning into ‘Uncle Tom’ using pay back to society strategy. He changed the dimensions of politics in India which was the monopoly of dominant castes.

Taking the inspirations from life of Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji ODRF decided to honor personalities worldwide who contributed towards upliftment of marginalized people. To appreciate and recognize the contributions of such personalities, ODRF started an award ‘Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji International award’ from the year 2008.

This year Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, state representative, 159th district in Pensylvenia and Dipak Panzade with Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji award for their contribution in sociopolitical movement in India and abroad.  Mr. Thaddeus is very committed towards the cause of social justice & human rights. He is the voice of millions of oppressed people in India & USA. It was Mr. Kirkland who lobbied in Pennsylvania assembly to condemn the Caste discrimination in India. This contribution of Mr. Kirkland directly linked oppressed people in India with African-Americans, and given a new hope that one day ‘the world will be free from all kind of discriminations. Accepting the award Mr. Thaddeus Kirkland expressed his solidarity with the cause against caste system. He also promised to spread awareness on the Indian caste system among the international communities.

Mr. Dipak Panzade, a silent but committed activist and ODRF Volunteer works day and night to spread the ideology of Dr. Ambedkar. He is involved with several activities in the community to empower dalits, Tribals and other weaker sections of the Indian Society. The function ended with the positive note from Ms. Surabhi Garg, United States Indian political Action committee said that this is a new beginning and let this new beginning continue to work for the cause of the marginalized communities. After the speech of Ms. Surabhi Garg the cultural team came up with a song in Marathi meanwhile the participants started enjoying the dinner. The programme ended with vote of thanks by Satyajit Somvanshi

Posted on November 10, 2008


Posted on November 10, 2008


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