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13-year-old gangraped by nine people in Haryana

13-year-old gangraped by nine people in Haryana

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Panipat: In Haryana, a shocking incident of a series of gangrapes with a 13-year-old Dalit minor by different set of people has come to light. The victim, a class 6 student and a resident of Budakheda village of Jind, was gang-raped in a single day by nine different people. The ordeal of the girl was not over there, as she was subsequently confined in a house in Panipat and gang-raped for nine days. The police has now rescued the girl from Panipat. 

“Moti, son of Surat Singh, took her from the village and tried to do objectionable things with her. He came back to the village after this but she was still missing. During this time she was raped by several men, all of whom are unknown. The search is still on,” said Virendra Sangwan, DSP, Haryana. This incident comes right after two gangrapes shocked the Capital, in a gap of two weeks, raising questions yet again about safety of women in Delhi.


Courtesy: NDTV, Dec/19/10