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Mutual Aid and Self-Organization in Anti-CAA and Farmers’ Protests


Pranav Jeevan P توشاہیںہےپروازہےکامتیراترےسامنےآسماںاوربھیہیں- اقبال तूशाहीनहै,परवाज़हैकामतेरा ,तेरेसामनेआसमांऔरभीहै – इकबाल You are a falcon, your purpose is to fly, there are still more skies for you to transcend – Ikbal India witnessed two large scale protests in last 2 years which saw millions taking to streets against the oppressive laws passed by the Government. These were …


Payback To Society

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  Rahul Pagare Smart Bhim Jayanti: New Way to Celebrate Ambedkarism is to Payback to Society. OWN MEDIA Team gifting a framed picture of the Preamble of our Great Indian Constitution to Gadge Baba Ashram Have you ever celebrated Bhim Jayanti in a Smart way? Well, we did.. Want to know how we celebrated Dr. …