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Fact Finding Report on Police Excesses in Nadukuppam Village, Marina Beach

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  [Via Trevor Jeyaraj] Fact Finding Mission to Enquire into Alleged Police Excesses on 23rd January 2017 in Nadukuppam Village, Marina Beach, Tamil Nadu  January 25, 2017 “நாங்க காலம்காலமா இந்த குப்பத்திலே இருக்கோம். நாங்க இன்னிக்கி திடீர்ன்னு பயங்கரவாதிகளா ஆயிட்டோமா? அடிபட்டு, ரத்தம் சிந்த ஓடிவந்த கொழந்தைங்க, அவங்க பயங்கரவாதிங்களா? அவங்களும் எங்கள மாதிரி தமிழங்கதானே? எங்க கொழந்தைங்க மாதிரிதானே? தமிழனுக்குத் தமிழன்தானே ஆதரவு தரனும்? …


Gangrape and Murder of a 16 year old Dalit girl in Sendurai, Tamil Nadu

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  (A condensed translation, by Trevor Jeyaraj, of Mr. Venpura Saravanan‘s Facebook post in Tamil ) N (16), daughter of Rajendran R of Sendurai taluk in Ariyalur district, Tamil Nadu, who finished her class VIII and discontinued studies due to her situation at home was working at a garment store in Sendurai. Manikandan, the son …


Contemplating Grief within the academia: Brother Rohith on my mind


  Trevor Jeyaraj “I can never recover from my childhood loneliness. The unappreciated child from my past.” – Brother Rohith Vemula A despairing man should have the devotion of his friends – (Job 6:14, Old Testament, The Bible) ~  I am trying to recuperate from the spiral of grief enforced on the students by the …