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Covid-19: Bhilwara Model, Breaking the myth of merit

neeraj bunker 2020

Neeraj Bunkar While the whole world is fighting with the Corona pandemic, India too has not been able to keep itself out of its grasp. On January 30th, 2020, the first case in India was reported in Kerala. The number rose to 3 by the February 5th, when some students returned to India from China’s …


Euphoria and Caste: Ambedkarite Movement Seeks Annihilation of Dead Culture

narendra arya

  Dr. Narendra Kumar Arya I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.~ B.R. Ambedkar, Writings And Speeches “Freedom of mind is the real freedom. A person whose mind is not free though he may not be in chains, is a slave, not a free man. One …


Why I stopped talking about reservations

tejas harad

  Tejas Harad There was a time when I would defend reservations very vocally. I would post links and status updates on Facebook in favour of the policy and would passionately participate in the discussions that ensued. People who would condemn my posts and pro-reservation stance would, of course, be Savarnas. And they used to …